Shenzhen Bay Marina Club

Now Shenzhen   |   August 30, 2021

Shenzhen Bay Marina Club is dedicated to establish a private Marina Club with an exclusive
and tailored array of services through membership program offering privileges pertaining to the
elite class.
Embark onto a journey filled with adventures and thrills with us – the Shenzhen Bay Marina Club
leads you to a true world of mystery beyond your imaginations.
The Marina Club has the right of using 150,000m2
sea waterways. A series of facilities such as
terminals, floating bridges and supported bridges are built in accordance with the International
Standard Anchor, creating excellent conditions for yacht’s docking and anchorage.

A Yacht Simply Offering All
There is ample space on a yacht to hold all social occasions that your life has to encounter. Just
leave the bustling and hustling city behind and take a journey aboard our private yacht. It will
lend an air of romance and ultimate feeling of freedom to family reunion, social parties, holiday
excursion and any other special occasions.
The cruise destinations include the Nei Ling Ding Island Natural Reserve, the Guishan Island and
the Wanshan Island Cluster composed of nearly a hundred isles. It is worth a mention in
particular that watching the precious white “mermaid” – the white Chinese dolphins
enhances your experience with excitement and surprise.
Exclusive Offers Only for the Few
The Club is designed by Mr Zhang Qing Ping from Taiwan hailed as the “Father of Interior
Design”. The architecture exudes an air of elegance, compact and
absolutely vogue in a perfect combination of Chinese and western style. Nestled in a quiet
setting, the Club is just like a slow piece of ballad, soothing the ones stepping in and enjoying
the moments of elegant life.

The well-equipped club facilities and customized services will surely satisfy the varying need
the privileged members.
Food & Beverage
 Wine & Cigar Lounge
 Panorama Seaview
 VIP Room
 Tree House
 Wine Cellar
 Tea Cellar

 Boutique for members
 Maritime Supply Shop

 Outdoor
 Gymnasium
 Spa
 Yoga Room
 Billiards Room
 Chess Room
Banqueting &
 VIP Meeting Room
 Board Room
 Function Room
 Music Square

 Business Suites
 Duplex with
 Seaview Villa
 Presidential Suite

Promise of Privileged Services

Our Club Manager will be dedicated to offering tailor-made services round the clock:

 Luxury yacht cruise experience trip;
 Efficient maritime support and assistance, packaged butler service for yacht maintenance;
 Marina Club brings you to experience fishing at sea, diving, sailing, water skiing, etc.
 Making plans for business negotiations, banquets and meetings;
 Planning for exclusive holiday with recommended destinations, flights and hotel bookings to meet personalized needs;
 The Marina Club is in possession of the 1st bonded warehouse of Guangdong Province, enabling you to choose and purchase imported boats and yachts without having to go abroad;
 Authorized by China Customs as the pilot unit for practicing Hong Kong and Macau Customs Clearance Right;
 Holding the annual International Yacht Fair; established the International Yacht Trade Centre.

1199 Wanghai Road Nanshan District,
Shenzhen, 518067 P. R. China.
Tel: 86 755-2669 8333