The Galleon Sets Sails at InterContinental Shenzhe

Edward O'Neill   |   August 30, 2021

Docked in the luxurious harbor that is the Intercontinental Shenzhen, The Galleon held its Grand Opening on Saturday 4th November. The ship, a replica of Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, reopened after half a year of renovation which has saw it transformed to a truly unique setting for special events, product launches, weddings, cocktail evenings, theme parties, and meetings with a twist.

It was a cool evening on the wooden docks surrounding The Galleon. Waiters and waitresses were charmingly dressed as sailors and moved between the guests offeringwine, while over at the bar the bartenders prepared cocktails. A small fishing boat had shored up at the docks, from where the chef offered a choice of fresh shellfish. Guests were invited to sample from the generous platters of cheese from all over the world while a wide assortment of desserts proved to be an unmitigated success with the younger guests accompanied by their parents. By the water, there was a keyboardist playing while the singer sang a beautiful rendition of Bonnie Ratt’sI Can’t Make You Love Me. As you soak in the scene, it’s hard to imagine you are actually on the third floor of the Intercontinental Shenzhen hotel in OCT, Nanshan.

Overlooking the wooden docks is the The Galleon, boasting 550 square meters of event space. The ship is an exact replica of Columbus’ Santa Maria, from the quarterdeck to the keel, down to the hull and up to the masts.

As the docks began to swell with illustrious guests, one of the waiters passed through the crowd ringing a bell. It was time to board The Galleon and for the night to begin in earnest.

For our evening, The Galleon had been prepared for a banquet dinner.  There were long rows of tables decorated with exquisite dining cloths and adorned with sea shell fixtures. The ship can cater for a whole host of other events too including business meetings, conferences and cocktail parties.

On the table was a menu teasing the culinary delights that awaited and the five course meal proved to be a showcase of the finest that Spanish cuisine has to offer. Shortly after being seated, the guests were presented with the Flamenco Tapas, consisting of Marinated Kalamata Olives, Roast Vegetables, Artichoke, Octopus, Asparagus, and the highlight of Spanish Ham, which was every bit as good as that found on the Iberian Peninsula.

Shortly afterwards came the Matador Soup, consisting of Spanish Chicken, Garbanzo Bean, Chorizo and Truffle. Every spoonful of this quintessential Spanish soup dripped with rich flavor, making it enough to nourish even the most tired bullfighter after a long day in the arena.

Next was the centerpiece of the meal, The Galleon Duet. The sumptuous pairing consisted of Smoked Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Pan Seared Goose Liver, accompanied with Balsamic Jus with Prawn Brochette with Sun Dried Tomato and Fennel Paella.

Those with a sweet tooth were spoilt for dessert with a Raspberry Cheese Cake that crumbled effortlessly in the mouth, while an elegant fruit platter was presented to enjoy as the guests chatted at the end of the evening. The Spanish inspired meal was a true culinary treat, but the team at The Galleon can also provide guests with tailor-made packages offering a wide range of International and Chinese cuisine.

While everyone enjoyed the lovely meal, they were treated to a gala of entertainment.A trio of singers hailing from Cuba, sang a toe tapping mix of Spanish classics and modern pop hits. There was also a real treat in the form of a pirate dance troupe that excited the crowd with a pulsating performance. Later in the evening, the pace slowed down so that the diners could appreciate a live sand painting performance that chronicled the development of The Galleon and showcased all the different events the ship can host.

Whether it’s to hold an important cocktail party on the docks, a picture book wedding on the ship’s deck, or a banquet dinner for a birthday inside the ship, plan your voyage aboard The Galleon today.

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