Justin McMcCloud on The JG Show podcast

Graham   |   May 14, 2020

Rehab treatment bills, no matter where you are in the world are very expensive. But, imagine getting that treatment and service via your smartphone from a specialist, anywhere in the world, and not only pay a fraction of the price but also you can be anywhere! You can literally be sitting at home on your couch, watching your favorite show and getting better.

That is the vision of Rombot, a medical tech company developed in China, with the goal to revolutionize the process of rehabilitation.

Here on the podcast I managed to catch some time with a great friend, and fellow Australian, Justin McCloud. He is based just outside Shenzhen and is part of Rombot. This company revolutionizing the process of rehabilitation, using cutting edge technology, bringing specialists in therapy and coaching to anyone via their smart-phone. Allowing anyone access to the help they need to recover and get well.

The “Rombot” app can be downloaded in the App Store.

By John Graham HarperThe JG Show podcast

John Graham / Courtesy; Justin McCloud on The JG Show
John Graham / Courtesy; Rombot Knee Brace with instruction from your phone on the Rombot App, assisting in damaged knee joint recovery
Rombot , pushing fast efficient cost effective recovery!
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John Graham / Courtesy; Rombot , pushing fast efficient cost effective recovery!
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