Excursion to Shatin: MOS Burger

Now Shenzhen   |   October 6, 2021

MOS BurgerNow that the Futian Customs border is open it is even easier to take a day trip over the border to Shatin for Shopping and food. This weekend’s outing to Ikea, brought the unexpected discovery of a Japanese Burger chain called MOS Burger. It brings a Japanese take on fast food to Hong Kong. MOS Burger seems to be unique in a lot of their styles of food and use good quality ingredients and special sauce. It is also located in a Japanese food court in the Seiyu mall so there are many other choices of Japanese food court food as well. Other MOS Burgers exist in Hong Kong but we have not been able to find the locations. If you have the address please post in the comments here.

MOS Burger
tel: +852 2692 6262
Address: No. 3-011 3rd Floor Food Court Seiyu Department Store Section 3 New Town Mall, Shatin
Hours of Operation: Sun – Thurs: 10:00am to 22:00, Fri and Public holidays: 10:00am to 22:30