Visit the French Culinary Institution that is La Maison

Cian   |   July 27, 2020

Welcome to our three-part series on the top French restaurants in Shenzhen profiled by Sebastian Bourgeois. Sebastian has been living in Shenzhen for more than 10 years and as a Disciples Escoffier he is always on the lookout for new places to try French cuisine. Read on to discover Sebastian’s opinion on La Maison.

La Maison is the oldest French restaurant in Shenzhen and has remained in the same location since its opening 7 years ago. It is undoubtedly a wonderful location and its new design has made the restaurant more spacious, perfect for small events or group gatherings.

Not only is the ambiance wonderful, but the food has made a great impression on me also. My friend and I had the chance to enjoy the pâté and a finger food tray. The pâté is fresh and delicious – exactly how the French like it – and the portion size is suitable for two to three people. The finger food boasts a creative Mediterranean style and gives a varied aroma and taste. The marriage of complementary flavors offers a delightful insight into French cuisine.

My friend ordered the weekly lunch set. This set is updated every Monday like the “Plat du Jour” France and that day it was quiche as the starter and poulet basquaise as the main dish. The quiche came as a generous portion and the thin crust, soft texture, and well-beaten eggs made it perfectly light. I highly recommend this flavorful and delightful dish. The poulet basquaise was boneless and very tender. The boiled potatoes were a little spicy, which may be a slight nod to the local Chinese customers.

 My main dish was an original crepe, where instead of the ingredients being inside of the dough, I was pleased to find they were placed on top. This allows for the taste of the entire crepe to remain as natural as possible. Like pizza and sushi, the crepe is a traditionally inexpensive dish that has become famous all around the world. In this case, my crepe contained salmon, lettuce, arugula, and cabbage.

For dessert, we ordered the crème brûlée, which has always been my favorite dessert. I was very satisfied with this dish and my only regret was that I did not ask for a bigger portion.

The overall service at La Maison was very efficient and friendly. The waiters followed the Western standard of bringing everyone’s food at the same time and taking away the empty dishes at the same time. The young staff are friendly and the French chef, Clement Coutrot, is always on hand to give recommendations according to the patron’s desired flavors.

We went during lunchtime and the wait for our meal was short. Prices are in the mid-range and very affordable when compared to some of the other restaurants in Seaworld. La Maison is a great family place. It also has a long bar, where you will find foreigners meeting like the French do in a brasserie.

Address: Shop 108, Nanhai Rose Garden, Bldg. 29-32, No. 91 Wanghai Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区望海路91号29-32栋南海玫瑰花园108号)

Tel: +86 755 2865 7030