New South Indian Menu at Indian Cottage

Nathaniel Johnson   |   August 29, 2021

Vincent came to Shenzhen working for a trading company and starting his own trade company which he did for 18 years before pursuing his passion for food. After having a restaurant in HK started the Indian Cottage with his friend Ivan. Many who have come to eat at Indian Cottage, have testified of the friendly environment and optimal service they receive as well as the delicious North Indian dishes such as their Chicken 65, Tikka Masalas.  These dishes are cooked by one of the four Indian chefs who work at Indian Cottage so you know that the dish you get is made by a native chef who understands the spices and flavors that go into each particular dish. 

Chicken 65 was a dish introduced in 1965 at the Buhari Hotel restaurant by its founder A.M. Buhari hence the name “Chicken 65”. It is a dish made from fried chicken, seasoned with red chillies, curry and other spices based on the restaurant’s choice. The chicken 65 at Indian Cottage is different from most that I’ve tried it has a saucy texture unlike many I’ve eaten that is made to be drier and a finger food. It is a delicious dish and one you should try out when you visit!

Another dish this is new and a must try, is the Bamboo Biliani. Bamboo biliani started as an Indian tribal dish and is now served through many food stalls in India. Spices, rice and chicken are cooked inside bamboo and served in a bamboo container. Indian Cottage was the first Indian restaurant in Shenzhen to bring Bamboo Biliani and serves it with chicken, lamb or a combination of both.

Recently Indian Cottage has brought in South Indian dishes to bring a different flavour to their already loved menu. One dish, in particular, is the Masala Dosa. The masala dosa is a popular dish made in south India consisting of a wrap called a “dosa” made from rice and lentils that are stuffed with ground potatoes and spices.  IT can be made spicy based on your preference. My first take on this dish, I tried eating it like you would a burrito and found (through directions from Vincent) that it is to be crushed and eaten with your hands – using the dosa as the bread to pick up the potato mixture. The dish worked out better that way – don’t make my mistake.

Idly, which is usually a South Indian breakfast dish is also now offered at Indian Cottage. It is a soup dish made from rice flour mixed with water and steamed. It creates a soft cake that is served with a sambar which is a soupy dish made from lentils.

Lastly, and my personal favourite, is the Chicken Chettinad. This dish is a spicier chicken curry made outside of the northern Indian yogurt based curry – having a coconut milk base. The locals love it and I believe this is due to the coconut base that is popular in Thai dishes. If you happen to find yourself at Indian Cottage and want to try a different kind of curry, this should be your choice. Be sure to order Nan to go with it!

More dishes are coming on the menu such as Goan Chicken Xacuti and Goan Chicken Cafrel. According to the owners, both these dishes originate from Goa and as the owners and their Head Chef is from Goa, they proudly profess the quality and authenticity of.these dishes which u won’t find in other Indian Restaurants!

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