Our first Shenzhen branch of OGGI TRATTORIA PIZZERIA, located in Shekou District, officially opened its doors. We invite you to enjoy the culinary art of Italian cuisine and exclusive service in a breath-taking environment, paired with romantic sea-view.

Located right on the seaboard with resort-like ambiance, we will surely impress both, your palate and your eyes. Beside our sea-side terrace, you can enjoy a great sea view in our second floor and watch our talents backing your pizza in the first floor. The jewel of the restaurant, our Volcanic stone Pizza oven, is manufactured by 100% brass, the baking surface is made by natural volcanic rock-stone. ( by the way, have you ever tasted any Volcanic-stone-baked Italian Pizza?)

Volcanic stones contain multiple micro elements and mineral substances which are necessary and proven healthy for the human body.

In addition, with our traditional and well-known OGGI skills, we produce a dough with elasticity in the middle and authentic crisp at the outer side. Along with the special scent of fresh yeast, you will have a feeling of being in Italy.

OGGI TRATTORIA PIZZERIA第一家深圳分店终于迎来了试业,餐厅位于深圳蛇口南海玫瑰花园三期,无论环境、服务、出品均呈现更高规格。我们盛情地邀请您一起来感受意大利美食的烹饪艺术和体验浪漫的海景风情。


Place Description (Chinese/中文): OGGI TRATTORIA PIZZERIA第一家深圳分店终于迎来了试业,餐厅位于深圳蛇口南海玫瑰花园三期,无论环境、服务、出品均呈现更高规格。我们盛情地邀请您一起来感受意大利美食的烹饪艺术和体验浪漫的海景风情。
Address & Contact
Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: OGGI
Place Address (English/Pinyin): No.3-14, Golden Century Road, Complex of Coastal Rose Garden Ⅲ, Shekou Harbor, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Website: Oggi Trattoria Pizzeria’s Website
Place Phone: +86 (755) 2689 0118