NYPD Pizza – One Of The Oldest Foreign Food Establishments In The City

Joe Macpherson   |   April 10, 2020

NYPD (New York Pizza Delivery) is one of the longest foreign food establishments in the city. Having been serving up fresh tasty pizza for over 14 years now, a fantastic feat in any city but especially in Shenzhen.  With two locations in the city, this is a great choice for lunch or dinner no matter where you are in the city.

Located in Central Walk Futian, it is a prime location within the city and it’s easy to get here, with a short walk from Convention and Exhibition Center metro station.  Incredibly popular with both expats and Chinese alike, NYPD has mastered the art of the ‘pizza delivery’ and sends delicious hot pizzas city wide, with customers even paying for a taxi to take the food to them at time. NYPD delivers to Bao’an, Shekou and even as far as Dameisha, a true testament to customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

The pizza is designed for delivery, so even during the transit time it remains as fresh as when it was prepared, as quality control is of the upmost importance to NYPD.

Menu of American classics

With a wealth of experience in pizza making, NYPD prides itself on its pizza crust.  It is unlike anything else in Shenzhen, with the crust still being the same hot or cold. The dough has a 48-hour fermentation period, and if unused after 72 hours it is thrown away, ensuring the highest quality dough is used every single time.   Thompson is a pizza guru, having won pizza competitions in the past, and is even a pizza judge himself.  Therefore, you know your pizza is being made by the best of the best.

Pizza competition winner
Thompson (middle) judging a pizza competition

The prices are excellent for the size and quality of the pizza, with a 12-inch costing from 80-120 RMB depending on the type of pizza.  You can choose from one of the many toppings, or you can build your own, it is up to you. The pepperoni is a classic choice, with a firm and airy crust, imported New Zealand mozzarella, and a generous portion of pepperoni, this is always a good choice of pizza no matter where in the world you are. One of the great things about NYPD is the pizza leaves you full, without being stuffed.

Trademark Pepperoni Pizza

The BBQ chicken pizza is another great choice, with homemade BBQ sauce, under more imported mozzarella cheese, this gives a nice balanced tang.  The chunks of chicken are the perfect accompaniment to the BBQ flavour.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

There is also a good selection of sandwiches, pastas and salads, and sides all American style and of high quality. 

Jalapeño cream cheese poppers

As you’d expect with a good pizza, there is a good beer selection too, with a large beer fridge containing many options of beers, lagers and IPAs. Great choices to wash down your pizza

Great beer selection to go with your pizza

With many people in Shenzhen considering NYPD as the best pizza in the city, it is most definitely worth your time to make your own judgement

Futian location

NYPD Pizza 纽约比萨

Store FL1015, Central Walk, Fuhua 1 Road, Futian

Convention and Exhibition Center B

Phone number : 13798471160

Nanshan Location

Baishizhou, Shahe Jie, Shangye Buxing Jie A-1F02/03

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