Shenzhen Dining: More Than Just Morning Tea

Harry Fozzard   |   October 8, 2021

Shenzhen cooking is described as a fusion of all delicacies found all over the cities and provinces in China. The hot and spicy menus of Sichuan Province, the traditional preserved ham of Hunan province, the extraordinary cold dishes of northeast China and the ever popular Cantonese meals comprise all of China’s excellent cuisine. This is why Shenzhen dining completely satisfies every gastronomic need – and it goes well beyond the famous morning tea!

Of course, it goes without saying that for a long period of time, Shenzhen’s morning tea has been part of a long-standing culture. It’s been a tradition for people to share a cup of tea with family members or close friends accompanied with sumptuous dim sum. Eating has always been an enjoyable activity in any place, but spending this in Shenzhen is such a leisurely experience. The morning tea is what sets Shenzhen apart from other cities and provinces in China. Enjoying one of the best teas in the world with family and friends may spell out lounging at the table long after the cups are empty.

The Tang Palace is highly noted for its famous morning tea, and it attracts both foreigners and locals alike. Aside from traditional dim sum delicacies, people come here also to enjoy seafood and other authentic Cantonese cuisine. Tang Palace can be easily found along the streets of Xinyuan. Another place that is almost considered an institution for gastronomic dishes is the Jin Du Restaurant. Located at Nanshan district, diners can enjoy a variety of mouth-watering oriental cuisine from noodles to rice meals, highlighted by elaborate tea ceremonies.

If you opt for pure Cantonese food, Yue Cai is the place to be. To give a quick glimpse of what the menu is all about, you can expect to have something like salt-baked chicken or Yanjuji, stuffed bean curd or Niangdoufu and braised pork with soy sauce or Hongshaorou. You can also have a go at Ying Hai Yu Gang, which sits inside the Jingwei Mansion in Jiabin Luohu District, if you still haven’t had enough of Cantonese. For bowls of steaming and hearty congee, head to the Shenyun Chaozhou Porridge located in the Louhu District, Shaibu Road. Now, if your tastes lean more on sampling the original Hakka Dish, you can check out Ke Jia Wang in Luohu District in Hongbao Lu.

It’s quite pleasant to note that all the said restaurants and can be easily reached either by private car or bus, so you’ll have practically no trouble going on a food trip. What you only need to think of is the long list of options available for your Shenzhen dining experience.