There are two types of people in the world. Those who love Thai food, and those who haven’t tried Thai food yet. The much-loved cuisine has found its way into our hearts and our bellies with its Tom Yum Soup and Pad Thai. These famous dishes put Thailand on the culinary map, but take a closer look and you will find a whole country full of local dishes and regional delicacies that are just as, if not more, delicious.

In an announcement that is sure to excite foodies, The InterContinental Shenzhen have brought award-winning chef Paiboon Sopa from the InterContinental Hefei to share a masterclass in Thai cuisine. From Friday 6th September to Monday 30th September, Coriander Thai Restaurant will host a celebration of Thai cuisine with Paiboon preparing some of his favorite dishes from all over Thailand.

Paiboon has spent his life travelling and learning about Thai food. From going to work in a kitchen in Chiang Mai at the age of the 16, he went on a journey around his country to work in restaurants and learn regional cooking styles and how to prepare local dishes.

For the past six years, Paiboon has been bringing his unique blend of Thailand’s favorite dishes to diners in China. Over the time spent working in kitchens, he has learned how to craft a menu that showcase the best in Thai cuisine while also appealing to local tastes.

The menu that Paiboon has prepared for InterContinental Shenzhen reads like a map of Thailand with all its culinary treasures marked out for food lovers to enjoy.

All of Thailand is well represented in Paiboon’s special menu. From the north, we have the Chiang Mai specialty of Nam Phrik Ong. The spicy shrimp sauce goes perfectly wrapped up in the crunchy lettuce, while the other fresh vegetables turn the Nam Phrik Ong into a dipping sauce that is impossible to resist. From the center of Thailand, there is a familiar favorite. Tom Yum Soup is Thailand’s most popular export and not without a very good reason. Here, Paiboon gives it an extra wallop that is sure to go down well with local lovers of spicy dishes. Not to be left out, the south of the country is well represented by the grilled chicken specialty, Gai Yang. Resting on a bed of fresh vegetables, the chicken invites you in with its scented fragrance and practically drips off the bone as you eat it.

It’s seem unfair to focus on just three dishes, because in truth, every dish would be a stand out in any other menu. From the fried shrimp cake that is Tod Man Khoong and the Tom Kha Gai made of coconut milk and chicken broth, to the steamed minced pork wrapped in sago of Saku Sai Moo and the tom yum fried rice of Khao Phat Tom Yum Khoon; Paiboon has really prepared a treat for lovers of Thai food.

There are two types of people in the world. Those who love Thai food, and those who haven’t tried Thai food yet. Regardless of which category you fall under, make time to visit Coriander Thai Restaurant at the InterContinental Shenzhen by the Monday 30th September. You will not be disappointed.

Set Menu

Special Price: RMB328 (Original Price: RMB772)


Shrimp with spicy tomato dip


Fried corn patties

Fried shrimp cake


Chicken broth with coconut milk

Main Courses

Fried fish fillet in three flavors

Stir fried chili clams

Tom Yum fried rice OR Thin vermicelli with seafood


Coconut milk pudding

Promotion Duration: Friday 6th September to Monday 30th September

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