Take A World Food Tour at Mercado Restaurant

Cian   |   April 26, 2020

With most of the world on lockdown, it’s hard to travel and experience new things right now. Like many of us, you may wish to go traveling and sample new cuisines and try amazing dishes you have never tried before.

Well, thanks to InterContinental Shenzhen you don’t have to travel anywhere to try something new. Already regarded as one of the top fine dining spots around, the Mercado Restaurant and Café have recently taken the opportunity to upgrade and revamp their buffet dinner. Now guests can enjoy even more dishes and specialties from all around the globe. So, allow InterContinental Shenzhen to take you on a world food tour without leaving Shenzhen.

It seems only natural that our culinary world tour should start at the Spanish corner. The InterContinental Shenzhen is the first five star Spanish themed hotel in China and  Mercado Restaurant and Café is inspired by the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Diners absolutely must try the paella, which is truly authentic and a signature of the restaurant, as well as the 5J Iberico Ham, which boasts an exquisite aroma and even finer taste. From the Iberian Peninsula we cross the Spanish border into the Gallic region. Every night, diners are spoiled as a platter of French delicacies is brought round to each table.

From Europe we chart a course across the restaurant to pay a visit to Southeast Asia. Mercado Restaurant and Café was already well known by locals and foreigners alike for its Southeast Asian cuisine and with the latest revamp the buffet dinner now carries even more dishes from the region bursting with even more exciting flavors. From Thai Fried Seafood and Masala Lamb Chops to Malaysian Curry Beef and Indonesian Fried Rice, there is something to enjoy from every region.

After Southeast Asia we move out onto the terrace and across the Pacific Ocean to South America. Enjoy the warm summer evenings out on Mercado Restaurant and Café’s terrace where you can try the Brazilian Churrasco. Quite possibly the best barbecue experience in the world. Order Brazilian classics like Roasted Prawns, Beef Ribs, and Roasted Chicken Heart with Red Wine. Alternatively, you can try something with a little twist such as Thuringen Pork Sausage, New Zealand 8-Ribbed Lamb Steak, and the impossibly moreish Chimichurri Sauce from Argentina. Guests can also choose to dine outside on the terrace and relax in the peaceful surroundings.

From the terrace, we set sail to one of the star attractions of the dinner buffet at Mercado Restaurant and Café. More than 14 varieties of fresh seafood is presented on the 3 meter long counter while the revitalized sushi counter catches the eye with the bright color of the arrangements prepared by the chefs.  Diners can enjoy crabs fished from the sea surrounding Alaska and oysters farmed in the waters of France.

Of course, no world food tour could be complete without a visit to the Middle Kingdom. Over at the live cooking station, diners can find some of their favorite Chinese dishes. Chefs are on hand to prepare the likes of Peking Duck, Dragon Fish Soup, and Handmade Noodles and Dumplings.

During your exploration of the world’s cuisine, you may need something for the children along the way. Do not fear, however, as the kids corner will keep them entertained. There the little ones will find an ice cream machine, chocolate fondue, donuts, marshmallows, and much more. There is also the juice station with a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables where guests can choose whatever they like and make their own DIY juice flavors.

Just make sure to leave some space at the end of your world food tour for dessert. The Mercado Restaurant and Café may have revamped its menu, but you will be happy to hear it still has a fantastic selection of Chinese and Western desserts that will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet teeth.

By the end of the evening at Mercado Restaurant and Café, you will have traveled on a food tour across Europe, through Southeast Asia, to South America, and back again to China. You may not be able to travel right now, but Mercado Restaurant and Café at InterContinental Shenzhen will spoil you with the most popular cuisine of the world!


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