In the spirit of revisiting places that have been open for a bit we decided to check out again the italian restaurant Italicious located nearby the Coastal City and the Maoye Mall in Nanshan.

A tiny outdoor seating area is a great space  for smokers and  couples.

Moving inside we met the owner Wallace.


italicous Italian restaurant
Wallace Pong on the left

A huge special awaited us the restaurant is doing 99RMB all you can eat on their new menu.
We just caught up with the owner to explain the restaurant and special in the video below.

One half of the restaurant was dedicated to a birthday party taking advantage of this deal. The space was great for the reveled to go outside and smoke and then come back and imbibe in alcohol.

The Stella beer on draft was a great way to wash down the  dishes grime the 99RMB menu which included Gnocchi and baked scallops:


Baked Scallops



On the way is pizza and ravioli…


Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza


Vegetable Ravioli
Vegetable Ravioli


Lastly we tried the Gelato which the owner went to Italy to learn how to make for one month:


Mango Homemade Gelato
Mango Homemade Gelato

All and all the restaurant is good value for money with a friendly owner.