Chinese “Green Card” Seminar Held Successfully

NowShenzhen   |   April 28, 2019

On Apr 24, we held a seminar on Chinese “Green Card” (Permanent Residence Permit) together with MSCE (Shekou Management and Service Center For Expats). More than 60 expats attenteded and Seminar lasted nearly two hours.

     Firstly, we summarized five main categories and total seventeen subcategories to get Chinese Green Cards. Five main categories are including: Reunion, Overseas Chinese, Investment, Employment  and High-level  talents. And we gave detailed explanations for the following common categories:

1. Marrying a Shenzhen resident ( apply after 5 years)

2. Overseas Chinese with Ph.D (apply after 1year)

3. Overseas Chinese without Ph.D (apply after 4 years)

4. Employment with high salary (apply after 4 years)

5. Employment as senior executive (apply after 3 years)

6. Investment (apply after 3 years)

7. R visa holders (apply after 3 years).

Some expats asked their questions based on the  content:


Secondly, we elaborated procedure of R visa(talent visa). R visa is a high-level talent visa that is valid for five or ten years and the duration of each stay can be as long as 180 days.

     Finally, we elaborated many ways to get long-term work pemits and residence permits based on current policies and regulations.

     According to statistics in Jun 2018, 475 foreigners have applied for permanent residence permits in Guangdong province since 2016 , and 320 foreigners have obtained permanent residence permit cards. Among the people who have obtained permanent residence permit cards, there are outstanding entrepreneurs in key industries, high-end executives in professional fields, high-tech enterprise investors, talents in national “Thousand Talents Program”, doctoral tutors of high-level universities and research institutes, well-known experts and professors, and their spouse and children. They played an active and important role in innovative development, open development, and Guangdong-HongKong and Macao Greater Bay Area’s construction.

Our seminar got many attendants’ recognition and focus. We are glad to give expats more useful information for more convenient life and work in China.

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