Quick Passport photos or China Visa Photos in Hong Kong

David Ho   |   June 22, 2015

If you need quick passport photos for your Shenzhen, China Visa you can stop by the photo booth in the Wanchai metro station located towards the Maxim’s cakes.

Automatic Visa and Photo Machine

Passport and Visa Photo Machine in Wanchai Subway Station

The photo machine takes various ID photos from passport photos to drivers license pictures. Choose photo version 1 to give to your China visa agent. No matter what size ID picture you choose they all cost. 50HKD. The machine had a scary warning that it didn’t make change but when we put 60HKD in bills we got 10HKD back as expected.

Choose the type of photo from driver's license to passport size photo

Choose the type of photo from driver’s license to passport size photo

After you have shot two photos and picked the best choice you just need to wait 18 seconds for your photos to develop and be picked up on the outside of the machine.  Other Hong Kong MTR stations may or may not have this machine email us if you find any other locations in Hong Kong for getting your passport photo taken.

Now you are one step closer to crossing the border into Shenzhen, China.

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