Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Now Shenzhen   |   August 28, 2021

Economic Scale Advantage
Shehzhen Special Economic Zone is the first special economic zone whose establishment was initiated and promoted by Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of Chinese reform and opening. As an experiment for promoting the development of economic and social development of China, Shenzhen has formed a characteristic economy featuring high-tech industry, logistics, finance and information services. Various social causes have enjoyed simultaneous development and a market economy system has been increasingly perfected. Shenzhen has set an example to the whole country and played a role of example and promotion. In 2002, its GDP reached 223.941 billion. Its total import and export amount was USD 87.1 billion, including an export value of USD 46.52 billion. Its total industrial output value was RMB422.1 billion. The output value of high-tech industry accounted for 46% of the total industrial output value. By the end of 2002, the accumulated amount of foreign capital actually utilized reached USD 31.519 billion.

Geographical Advantage
Shenzhen is located at the forefront of the Pearl River Delta and borders on the New Territories of Hong Kong in the south, Daya Bay in the east, the outlet of Pearl River and Dongguan and Huizhou in the north, being an important coastal communication hub in South China. Shenzhen is the only city that ouns seaports, airport and land ports in China. Its seaports are especially developed. The Shenzhen Port ranks sixth among world container ports. Shenzhen owns Luohu Ports, the largest land passenger port in China and Huanghang Port, the largest land freight port. At the same time, Guangshen, Shenshan, Jingjiu and Guangshen expressways link Hong Kong, Shenzhen and inland cities, 24-hour customs clearance practiced by Shenzhen and Hong Kong ports, electronic inspection and release and the commencement of construction of the west Bridge will make Shenzhen and Hong Kong connected more closely. The regional advantages of Shenzhen will be further highlighted and the economy of both Shenzhen and Hong Kong can further thrive. Besides, Shenzhen is a bridge linking Hong Kong with inland area and linking inland area with the world.

Supporting Industry Advantage
Shenzhen is a production base, R&D base and transaction base of high-tech products including computer and parts, communication equipment, audio visual products, optical and electromechanical products, biological engineering products, etc. Shenzhen has over 1500 factories producing supporting parts of computer, which produce almost all computer parts except chips. Their annual supporting ability is over 30 million sets. There are over 30 million lines for communication and exchange. Shenzhen has become an electronic supporting center in mainland China. China International High-tech Result Fair is held in Shenzhen once every year.

Immigrant Culture Advantage
There is a saying is China that the world is won with culture. Shenzhen is a newly emerging immigrant city. Its culture is different from the traditional culture of other cities. It is the trans formation and activation of inland culture and the absorption and fusion of foreign culture oriented toward Hong Kong. Unique geological and cultural environment of Shenzhen has created Shenzhen culture featuring openness, tolerance and innovation.

Address & Contact
Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 高新技术产业园区
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 3F Virtual University, Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park P.R.C
Website: Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone’s Website
Place Phone: +86 (755)2655 1647
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