WARNING: Massive Crowds Expected to Flood Sea World This Weekend

ShekouDaily   |   December 6, 2017

From December 7th-10th, Sea World Square is expected to be inundated with 100,000 foodies and participants attending what’s being promoted as Shenzhen’s first international wine and gourmet food festival.

Organized by the Nanshan District Government, China Merchants, and Shenzhen Media Group; the event has attracted 100 wine and gourmet food vendors from 28 countries and regions.

The promotion, only in Chinese, seems to make some interesting statements. First, that you’ll have a chance to taste hundreds of world famous wines and thousands of world food. Second is their description of us foreigners here… (translated by Google) “Shekou a large number of foreigners. They love to drink and love to lie down. Encounter cute girl always more and two cups.” I’m not exactly sure what that’s supposed to mean and haven’t had this professionally translated yet, but considering the hundreds of wines they’ll be serving to thousands of attendees you may want to lock your daughters up at home.

We’ve had a look at the food items and photos shared in the promotion and most look like items we can regularly get here in Shekou so I wasn’t very impressed. However, there are three listed there that stood out as something that may be worth fighting the crowds for:

1) 7.8m giant seafood pot – Not that I would actually eat from this pot but the scene may make for some interesting photos and videos.

2) Churros – I miss Churros. I love Churros. Haven’t seen any good ones here lately so I’ll definitely stop by and give these a try.

3) India Flying Cake – I’ve heard about this but haven’t seen it in action before. The one in the picture looks huge and I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I should probably manage my expectations though; usually things are smaller than advertised.

There’s also supposed to be “an unexpected and mysterious interactive performance” at the event as well. We have no idea what to expect but these images were included in the promo.

We didn’t see any information about this being a closed event or a need to buy tickets to enter. It looks like a pay-as-you-go system and everyone is welcome. As far as start and end times, we didn’t see any posted. We’ll check out the event on the first day and update this post with any new or relevant information before the weekend.

If you go, stop by Terrace (above Starbucks) or X-TA-SEA (inside the Minghua Cruise Ship) for some live music from 10pm. Both will be open late all weekend and will be great places to wrap up your time at the festival.

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