A Quick And Easy Guide To Sam’s Club Membership & English App

David Ho   |   August 7, 2020

Looking to access premium quality groceries like fresh Australian grain-fed beef, fresh Atlantic salmon, Wisconsin cheeses, and organic greens? Sam’s Club membership more than pays for itself, by providing high quality imported and local products at affordable prices, and 1-hour delivery service that gives you a hassle-free life in China.

In this quick start guide, we’ll show you how to become a Sam’s Club member and start ordering from the app. Read on to find the simple steps you can take to have quality products delivered to your doorstep.

Directions to the English App

↓Download Sam’s App   

Long press to extract the code

search [Sam’s Club China] in your App Store

Becoming A Member

Key information you will need to fill in: Names, ID (passport), delivery address, phone number.  

Sign up in the Sam’s App. 

Sign up / Renew in the Sam’s WeChat mini program (scan the code below)

You can also share your complementary card to your family or friends, check rewarded coupons, invite your friends to join, and apply e-invoice for your purchases on Sam’s mini program.

Directions to Placing An Order 

Sam’s Club provides 1-hour delivery service (free delivery on any order over 99 RMB), and standard delivery service (free delivery if purchase 299 RMB).

Step 1: From Homepage, click location field at the top and select your delivery address to shop for items that are available in your area.

Step 2: Browse and shop from the Homepage, Categories, or use the search bar. 

Step 3: 1-hour-delivery items and standard-delivery items must be paid separately. Click “1 hour Delivery” on the top before checkout to identify 1-hour-delivery items.

Come find us, and discover how to live hassle-free in China.

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