Chickadee Bakery – More Than Just Bread

Joe Macpherson   |   April 26, 2020

Where can I get good quality bread?  A common question in the Shenzhen F&B scene, and rightly so, because there is not an abundance of choice in the city.  Most supermarkets bought bread here is too sweet for most tastes, and doesn’t have the variety of an artisanal bakery back home.  But now look no further than Chickadee by Magpie

Finding good bread in Shenzhen can be tough

The Magpie group is a familiar name to many, with 4 locations city wide, and a sterling reputation, they are one of the most well known and well-liked establishments in Shenzhen.  Always taking great pride in their product, and putting customer satisfaction first, Chickadee maintains the great standards set at Magpie and delivers the WOW factor.

Bread made fresh daily

The venue itself is a perfect setting, with big open spaces, lots of outdoor seating (with some indoor available too) and artistic architecture around you, this along with the excellent food combined to make a memorable and enjoyable experience. The G&G building is a former glasses factory turned creative space, that just oozes with character and is gorgeous to look at.

Cool Venue
Photogenic surroundings

The core product of any bakery is of course the bread, and Chickadee does not disappoint.  The sourdough loaf especially is incredibly popular, and has a great texture, feel and taste.  It looks divine and it tastes divine. The perfect way to start the morning. 

Delectable artisanal bread
Amazing sourdough loaf

There are also a selection of other favourites here that can be consumed for breakfast, or with an afternoon coffee, such as croissants, muffins, bagels and pan au chocolat. It’s also a great place for dinner rolls and hotdog buns, for those who like to make their own burgers at home. The philosophy here is to keep things simple, bake as our grandparents would have baked, nothing too fancy just loving simple baking.

Selection of good from Chickadee Bakery

There is more here than meets the eye though.  Chickadee also do a fantastic ‘pressed sandwiches’ selection, a great option for a lunchtime bite. There are 15 selections ranging from classics such as PBJ and grilled cheese, to Korean inspired fried chicken and cheese steak. These are fried up on a flattop in a tiny kitchen, but boy do they hit the spot.  Ranging from 38-48RMB, these present fantastic value as the ingredients are excellent and the taste is superb.

Selection of ‘pressed sandwiches’
Chickadee chicken sandwich
Popular and delicious sandwiches

Another unexpected item on the menu, and probably the thing you expect to see in a ‘bakery’ is the all-day breakfast. The prices are pretty phenomenal, with items such as bacon (6RMB) hash brown(6RMB) egg (4RMB), sausage (7RMB) and more, you can build your own breakfast for a cheaper price than anywhere in SZ and probably even cheaper than cooking it at home.

Selection of breakfast items available at superb prices

The drinks menu is interesting any unique here.  Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink commonly consumed for its supposed health benefits, and usual to see on a menu in Shenzhen. The milkshake makes the drinks menu a little more fun, and if you need something stronger you can even get a bottle of wine

One of the milkshakes available to order

Chickadee is available for delivery through its WeChat or through delivery APPs, and can delivery city wide. The bread is baked fresh daily so you will get the freshest product available.  Now the question ‘where can I get good bread from’ need not be asked anymore.

Order through this WeChat
Everything on the menu is a great price
Sandwich menu


Chickadee Bakery 山雀烘培坊

Number 9,Liyuan rd,Shekou 深圳市南山区荔园路9号

Thanks to Chickadee for use of the pictures