Cooking With Love

NowShenzhen   |   February 21, 2020

Stuck at home? 

Want some fresh ideas for 
dinner whilst supporting a worthwhile Charity? 

Then 175 delicious international bilingual recipes 
will be yours by the end of the week! 

Our International Kitchen is a hardbound bilingual cookbook, which was lovingly put together over two years by a committed group of Shenzhen volunteers.

For just RMB 120.00 (Shipping included within China) 175 delicious recipes from all over the world, will be yours by the end of the week! 

This cookbook is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to cook and would like some fresh ideas for dinner, it’s also a great resource for those new to the kitchen and who live in China. What’s more 100% of the proceeds will go directly to support Captivating‘s Vocational School Scholarship program through its China based partners.

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