Make the Switch to Sam’s: Life is Better in the Club

David Ho   |   August 14, 2020

That familiar blue diamond is bringing premium global brands to your second-home city as well as your fingertips through the Sam’s Club app and outlets China-wide.  

Tending to household needs while navigating life abroad is truly a feat of domestic engineering. Whether you’re head engineer or a solo expat just trying to eat right from their own kitchen, getting the world’s best without making the trip is central to living well.  

Sam’s Club takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping by allocating the highest quality of imported and local products for its 50+ million members worldwide and 3+ million members at 28 Sam’s Clubs China-wide. And Sam’s Club China members can easily access Sam’s Club anywhere, any time with the Club’s all-English app and delivery.    

Sam’s Standard – Best in Exclusivity and Quality

For home chefs inclined to make an outing of scouting the ingredients of their favored meals, stepping into a Sam’s Club means going to a place only for those who seek strict product selection standards, including direct sourcing from the best origins globally. Sam’s Club makes this possible with memberships at 260rmb per year for access to its premium bulk selections.


 Just as you would expect to walk into your gym or country club and find yourself among other members with your own exclusive interests, so a Sam’s Club membership signifies rarefied tastes. Among Sam’s Club’s reliable and best-sourced selection include Dole bananas from the Philippines, the top-4‰ in terms of length of growing season and enhanced sweetness of taste.  

Only Sam’s Club membership-holders can check out at Sam’s Club counters and enjoy Sam’s Club rates. The yearlong membership comes with two cards, gaining two members per household access to Sam’s Club benefits.   

Members-first Philosophy 

As one of the world’s largest membership clubs, Sam’s Club sticks to a members-only philosophy to provide great prices on its quality-guaranteed groceries and more.  Members are key to Sam’s Club’s robust supply chain securing large sales volume at low unit-prices through direct cooperation with brands. Six cartons of 1-liter Member’s Mark milk imported from Germany is available at 49.8rmb, for example, and Australia-imported Member’s Mark ribeye at 256rmb per kilogram. Compare that with your current online or storefront prices. 

Stocking only the best quality products at the best value is only made possible by the unique Club membership model. Loyal members have been powering the Club’s exclusive retail warehouses for over 30 years, and Sam’s Club’s signature is making unexpected finds for you on origin-sourced items from over 30 countries in competitive bulk deals. 

Quality Guaranteed Private Brand: 

Member’s Mark 

Each and every item stocked on Sam’s Club shelves are quality assured, but only those that undergo the most stringent supply chain and origin source quality standards earn the Member’s Mark.  

With Member’s Mark, Sam’s Club oversees the entire journey each product takes from raw material to shelf. Take seafood for example. Sam’s Club never brings live sea life into it stores. Using freeze-at-sea methods and individual-frozen technique, such as with Member’s Mark white shrimp, nothing about the quality and sanitation of the succulent morsels are left to chance. When you shop Member’s Mark – available at Sam’s Club only — the world’s most meticulous sourcing, storing, and shipping methods are ensured. 

All-English App  

What was once a quick trip browsing aisles of familiar products then driving home is now something else. For many of us in China’s megacities, delivery apps have taken the footwork out of the equation, but one challenge remains: Even if we grasp food names and categories in Chinese, what of nutritional labels, descriptions, and ingredients lists?   

The Sam’s Club China app converts every product listing into plain English with the all-English language setting. Now just by scrolling and tapping items into your shopping cart, you and your loved one’s dietary needs are met while knowing a product’s exact quality, contents, and source. Browse in English by category, or simply type to find a product using the search bar. 

One-hour Delivery 

Life in China means living in a sprawling city that can take two, three, or four hours to traverse. Depending on your location, that peace of mind that you are serving only ingredients that are kind to the body can take an entire day, leaving little time for what we love most: family time, downtime, and the art of food preparation.  

Sam’s Club China has made the leaps and bounds to ensure that time is not a factor when it comes to stocking your pantry. Sam’s Club ensures one-hour delivery on a wide range of selected products, including all Member’s Mark products.   

Life is Better in the Club

Great items from around the world await you at Sam’s Club. To start browsing your nearest Club’s offerings, simply download the Sam’s Club China app or scan the QR code below and become a member today! 

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