5 Easy Spring Picnic Ideas

David Ho   |   April 30, 2020

Spring weather is an optimal time of the year to plan and engage in outdoor activities with your little ones. Whether you have an infant or a young toddler, no age is too young to enjoy the fresh air and warm sunlight. And what better way to celebrate this gorgeous weather than hosting fun picnics.

For fresh food ideas and items for your picnic, Sam’s Club delivery APP and In-Club shopping selection strive to offer the best to all members.

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5 Ways to Make Your Picnic Outstanding

Healthy Snacks

Host a picnic where guests are encouraged to bring their own food or snacks. Healthy snacks will make your body feel great especially when you are running around playing games and being active. You can bring cooked food easily with an insulated lunchbox.

Peacock Insulated Lunchbox



And if your picnic has little babies, you can consider bringing puree and squeezable snacks to share. Sam’s Club cooperates directly with the different brands to provide members the best authentic products, so parents are assured of quality and authenticity.

Kiwigarden New Zealand Mixed Berry Yogurt Drops (Greek yogurt, coconut milk, raspberries)



France imported, NU Smoothie 100% Fruits Mixes, 100% non-GMO 

330ml*12 RMB168


Imported fresh fruit from well-known origins ensures quality and taste to keep your picnic healthy. 

Philippines Imported Dole Sweetio Bananas

1.4kg RMB19.8


New Zealand Imported Zespri Golden Kiwi

3kg, RMB219


Cream Watermelon

4kg RMB59.8


In-Club Takeaway

Organizing a picnic does not require a big production in the kitchen. With our busy schedules, no one will judge you if you stop by Sam’s Cafe to pick up goodies to share. It even opens to non-member too! You can enjoy a sit-down restaurant environment at Sam’s Cafe. With a large variety of deli items prepared fresh daily, you will be spoiled for choice. Our beef bake and pizza will be perfect if you need to feed a large group for an all-day outing.

Beef Bake



RMB 88

Roast chicken

RMB 39.8

*In-Club Only

Whether you come for a shopping haul or, just to eat at the spacious and welcoming atmosphere, everyone in your family can dine with ease. From delicious 18-inch pizzas to savory foods, sushi/sashimi platters, you can feast to your heart’s content. We certainly enjoyed the spring flavour and the fresh cuts of sashimi from our last visit!

Assorted Sushi

RMB 59.8-88 

(varies on seasonality and availability)

Shrimp Salad

RMB 58

Chicken Salad

RMB 38

*In-Club Only

Eating a light lunch also means having a little more room to indulge your sweet tooth. If you need to bring something to a picnic, fresh out-of-the-oven donuts and scones are a perfect choice. 

Member’s Mark donuts

30g*12, RMB22


Member’s Mark Cranberry Scone

80g*5, RMB35


Keep Clean

Playing outdoors does not mean you eat with dirty hands. Keep your hands clean with child-friendly hand soap and sanitizers.

Member’s Mark Portable Hand Sanitizer

50ml*6, RMB39


BabyGanics Alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer

50ml*3, RMB117


Outdoor Blast

If it’s an outdoor activity, kids will love these water guns and bubbles! Grab it along to your picnic, and let kids enjoy their day in hours of fun and pleasant entertainment!

PNC Water Gun

 1.03kg, RMB99


PNC Bubble gun



PNC Twins Bubble Stick



Carry everything with ease, after all, it isn’t a picnic without a basket to hold utensils, cutlery, and plates.

1 basket, 1 bottle opener, 1 salt container, 1 pepper container, 4 x (wine glasses + plates + spoons + knives + forks)


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How do you like these picnic ideas? Whether it is a long holiday weekend or good weathered days, a picnic outing will be fun for everyone to catch up on much needed fresh air and sun. Order what you need from Sam’s App or bring your kids to explore in the club!

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