Weekend Brunch Life | Comfort, Healthy, Delicious

David Ho   |   July 16, 2020

Every brunch deserves
something sweet …
and decadent …
and savoury too!

So what are you waiting for? Here are a few quick and easy, yet utterly delicious recipes from Sam’s Club Master Chefs guaranteed to whet your appetite. 

Sweet, Savoury, and Decadent Waffles

Fancy something sweet with your waffles? Or perhaps something savoury instead?  Here’s our suggestion — have a little of everything just like what the video here suggests!

Fruit & Ice Cream Loaf

Dazzle your family with an inspired brunch treat of layered fruits and ice cream in a shelled-out loaf of bread! Did someone call you a Master Chef? If you’re worried about calories from ice cream, use our sugar-free plain yogurt instead for your creamy fix!

Egg “Burger”

Nutrition, flavour, and creativity in one bite!  That’s what you get with an egg “burger.”  Check out the video and get inspired. 


Just in case you need that extra flavouring zing at the last moment, make sure you have a full complement of spices ready. Need some thyme? Or Rosemary? Or Cumin?

To make your brunch weekend even easier, Sam’s Club delivers all the ingredients you need to your doorstep in just one hour. We highly emphasize food safety that meets all national standards, and product quality is assured all the way from our suppliers to members. So you and your family can enjoy a leisurely weekend at home, eating a safe and healthy brunch in your pyjamas!