Five-Star Sports Basketball

Now Shenzhen   |   August 29, 2021

Five-Star Sports is an official, legal Chinese entity that is a growing grassroots program for students of all ages seeking to better their basketball skills by learning from the best–American-style professional coaches.  Not only do students benefit from Five-Star’s Age and Ability Based Curriculum that is integrated throughout the various after-school programs, weekly classes, holiday camps and clinics, competitive leagues, overseas camps, (and more!) but they also get to improve their English listening and speaking abilities all the while playing and doing what they love–basketball! 

Five-Star Sports offers students the chance to learn from the best, providing an all English environment, led by highly competent American and Canadian coaches who are committed to the overall success and personal development of their students in sport as well as self-discipline, teamwork, and confidence,–life skills that translate to future success! Join Five-Star Sports today; the road to success starts here!Place Description (Chinese/中文):  五星体育运动是一个通过中国官方认证的实体,以发展篮球根基项目为主线,为学员提供专业的外籍教练和营造最好的美式篮球环境,帮助他们提高篮球技术。五星体育运动的资历和实力是基于成熟的课程,它整合了包括学校的课后项目、周训练课程、假期篮球营和集训营、篮球联赛、海外营,等等。学生不仅可以从这种基础课程中受益还可以在玩乐和做自己喜欢的事(打篮球)的同时提高他们的英语听读技能!   五星体育运动为学生提供了向一流教师学习的机会,全英文环境,能力出众的美国和加拿大教练,他们在体育方面致力于学生的整体成功和个人发展,在生活技能方面,关注学生的自律、团队合作和自信,这些都将转化为未来的成功!今天加入五星体育运动;开启成功之路!  

Address & Contact

  • Chinese and Pinyin Name:  五星体育运动
  • Place Address (English/Pinyin):  Classes are located throughout Nanshan, Shekou, Luo Hu, Futian, Bao’An, Longgang & Guangzhou. Please call to book your class and get location time & details. (400 990 9500 / 135 0969 8378) 上课地点分部在南山、蛇口、罗湖、宝安、龙岗和广州。请致电咨询和预约上课的地点和时间等。(400 990 9500 / 135 0969 8378)
  • Website:  Five-Star Sports Basketball’s Website
  • Place Phone:  +86 (755) 400 990 9500
  • Email:  [email protected]