Shenzhen Misfits: Calling All Ice Hockey Fans!

Cian   |   April 28, 2019

It may come as a surprise to some, but the great game of ice hockey is being played right here in Shenzhen. With its subtropical climate, Shenzhen may not seem like the most obvious place to find people playing ice hockey, but there is a dedicated group of passionate people playing every week.

Every Saturday at 10.30 PM and Tuesday at 9:30 PM on the 4th floor of Coastal City in Houhai, you can find the Shenzhen Misfits playing against local Chinese teams. The Misfits are just that; a bunch of out-of-place expats. They hail from the USA, Canada, Russia, Israel, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Serbia, Finland, and Germany, to name just a few. It’s not just for guys either, as the team always has a couple of women playing too.

Are you a beginner and worried you won’t be good enough? Don’t be. Players of all ability and experience are welcome and don’t worry if you didn’t bring your ice hockey gear with you to Shenzhen, they have extra you can borrow.

The Misfits like to hang out too and it’s a great way to make new friends in Shenzhen. You can often find them having a drink afterward, although they take it seriously when they are out on the rink. The group sees in the New Year together and are there to celebrate each other’s birthdays too.

The group was set up by Kirk, an ice hockey fanatic from Detroit, Michigan. Growing up, he would eat, drink, and sleep ice hockey. Be it watching The Wings or being out on the rink. For him, ice hockey is about the friendships you make. It’s the music, the banter, the smell of the rink, the sound of a blade cutting ice, and those plays you make that keep you coming back for more. It’s this passion that makes the Misfits so special.

2019 promises to be a big year for the Misfits as they plan to go on trips and join some tournaments.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are passionate about ice hockey or even just curious to see if it’s something you like, contact Kirk today and see if you have what it takes to be one of the Misfits. And always remember that life is simple: eat, sleep, and play ICE HOCKEY!

For more information, contact Kirk on WeChat at “BiteTheCurb”.