Shekou Hash House Harriers: A drinking club with a running problem

Cian   |   May 16, 2019

We are the Shekou kennel of the Hash House Harriers (SH3), a worldwide “drinking club with a running problem”.  SH3 was founded in 1984, and we will celebrate our 35th anniversary this year.

We meet every Saturday at 12:45 at the Snake Pit in Seaworld and our bus departs at 13:30 for a trail run or walk in the mountains near Shenzhen. Our runs are 7 to 11 km long and occasionally include up to 700 m of combined ascent. The walks are shorter than the trail runs, usually ending up around half the length.

The trail is marked with flour or chalk and there are also ‘false’ trails set. One will have to find the right trail, or you can stick with the pack and hope they have found it. The trail run is based on the paper chase game Hare &Hounds, which is followed by almost all hash kennels around the world.

On average, we have 35 Hashers every Saturday, and sometimes we have as many as 80. We tend to come back to Shekou between 18:30 and 20:00 depending on traffic. To pay for buses, water, soda, and most importantly, beer, we charge RMB80 for guys, RMB60 for women, and RMB30 for kids.

We are not exactly a family hash, but we are family friendly. Just note that there is some adult language, as is common in all hash kennels. Hashers can bring their dogs along if they want, but we can’t guarantee that dogs are allowed on all parts of the trail since we sometimes run through parks. When we get back to Shekou, we arrange for dinner somewhere nearby. Please note that the cost for dinner is not included in the original fee.

If you would like to join in with a hash or are interested in finding out more information, follow their official WeChat Account (ID: ShekouH3)

Website: Shekou Hash House Harriers ‘s Website