[Photo Review] Craft Beer Fest Crafted A HOT Weekend

Craft Beer Festival 2019 Day 1  https://v.qq.com/x/page/v0892eg4w4a.html Craft Beer Festival 2019 Day 2 https://v.qq.com/page/o/y/5/o08931licy5.html It has been a super-hot weekend in Dongguan, but people found a way to cool down with the HERE! 2019 Craft Beer Festival at Country Garden Guangdong 33 Town. 这个周末简直是热到飞起,火辣辣的东莞2019精酿啤酒节在碧桂园广东33小镇火辣辣地举行! In two days, around 2000 people consumed flows of craft beer […]