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Killer views from Kong Cafe

Shenzhen has no shortage of coffee shops, in fact they are on every corner and in every shopping mall. There are so many it can be difficult to choose.  ‘Kong’ is part of the growing trend in Shenzhen of high floor cafes situated in office buildings.  One of the first to open this way Kong […]

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Cute Pig Cafe in Shenzhen

An animal coffee shop is not a new concept, in Shenzhen or any other place.  In fact, Shenzhen has several of these, some of them well worth visiting.  But ‘Pig Café 猪廊咖啡馆 (Zhulang Kafei Guan) is a new style of coffee shop to hit this city.  The idea is the same as a cat café, […]

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Cyclus – A Shuiwei Hidden Gem

Cyclus is located in the popular urban village of Shuiwei, an area known for its F&B. The creative space of 1368 has narrow alleyways, filled with restaurants, bars and coffee shops, and Cyclus holds its own among them all.  In a tough area of high-quality restaurants, it can be difficult to know where to go […]


Meilin Mountain, The City Hike

Meilin Mountain is a great hike option for those who do not want to travel too far out of the city, that’s because it located right in the city centre, sprawling across Nanshan and Futian districts.  The highlights of this hike are some great views of downtown Shenzhen (on a clear day), some great nature […]

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Lianhuashan Park – One Of Shenzhen’s Iconic Places

Lianhuashan Park (莲花山公园) is the biggest and most well-known of all the parks in the city covering a staggering 150 hectares.  It is frequently in the Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet top 10 things to do in the city and is usually one of the 1st places visited by any tourist or new residents to […]

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NYPD Pizza – One Of The Oldest Foreign Food Establishments In The City

NYPD (New York Pizza Delivery) is one of the longest foreign food establishments in the city. Having been serving up fresh tasty pizza for over 14 years now, a fantastic feat in any city but especially in Shenzhen.  With two locations in the city, this is a great choice for lunch or dinner no matter […]

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Cena Restaurant & Cafe

Cena is located in the popular neighborhood of Shuiwei, an area known for its F&B, Cena fits right in among them. In a prime location, a short hop from the metro this small but welcoming venue should be added to your rotation of dining choices.  With indoor and outdoor seating of 25-30 this can cater […]

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Shenzhen Talent Park

Shenzhen has no shortage of parks, in fact many of them have been written about by myself for this very account, but as with all things in life, not all are equal.  Shenzhen Talent Park is one of the better parks in the city, a high accolade in what is a ‘city of parks.’  Nestled […]

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Colourful Lantern Exhibition

  The Shenzhen Lantern Festival is an annual festival running from December to February each year, through winter and into Chinese New Year, ending on lantern day.  Although there is no longer a practical need for Chinese lanterns, they are still made, used, and enjoyed by the Chinese people during festivals. The streets both in […]

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An Artistic Day Out in Dafen

  Shenzhen has several art communities and creative spaces, but the most popular and well known one is undoubtedly Dafen Oil Painting Village in Longgang District. In a bustling city like Shenzhen it can sometimes be hard to know where to go during a day off, especially if you don’t fancy a hike or park […]

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Park Hyatt Shenzhen: The Epitome of Luxury

The new Park Hyatt Shenzhen is stunning. With brand-new state-of-the-art facilities and world-renowned design, it stands pride of place as part of the Ping An Finance Centre complex. From the moment you approach the entrance, you know you’re in for something special. To the left is the elevator lobby which will take you to Reception […]


Shawarma House, Unbeatable Value Food

Finding good quality food at good prices in Shenzhen can be difficult at times, it is usually one or the other. However, in Shawarma House you can find both.  Located just off HuaQiangBei pedestrian street, this is a hidden gem on a side street.  Tucked in-between some local restaurants this unassuming place is most certainly […]

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A Splendid Day Out

Originally published on Want to read about more cool and interesting places in Shenzhen?  Here are some links to some other places you can explore and enjoy.  And please keep following for more updates about wonderful Shenzhen to explore.  Shenzhen Zoo Evergreen Eco Resort in Nanshan Shenzhen’s Hidden Gems World Famous Art village in Shenzhen Honey Park – A […]

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Evergreen Eco Resort in Nanshan

With the new metro line 5 extension recently opening, there is now even more of Shenzhen readily accessible for exploration.  This has opened up some new places to visit that previously had only been accessible by bus, which as we know can be a laborious task at times.  One of these is ‘Evergreen Resort’ in […]

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Shenzhen’s Hidden Gems

Shenzhen has a great deal of places to see and visit. Many of them are small or interesting in their own way, but may not warrant a day trip of their own.  So, if you are ever in these areas, here are a few things you can check out.  Oh, and they are all free […]

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70th Anniversary National Day Light Show

Next week marks the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, and to celebrate Shenzhen is going all out. The light show at the Civic Centre has had a revamp and now has additional special effects to celebrate the National Day holiday. Every building around the Civic Centre, Futian, is lit up with a […]

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Bijia Hill Park. A nice respite from the city

Shenzhen has no shortage of parks, in fact it is officially one of China’s ‘green cities’ because of the sheer abundance of parks, mountains and nature based spots around the city.  The problem with some of these parks is that they can become extremely busy, especially on a sunny weekend, parks such as Lianhuashan can […]

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New Chef at Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant – a new restaurant in the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Futian CBD – is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Shenzhen. With a variety of menus catering for different tastes, Nadagogo has flavours to suit every palate. Bruce Li is the newest chef to join the Wyndham Grand family. Bringing over 35 […]

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Make-Up Afternoon Tea at the Wyndham Grand

The Wyndham Grand is a prestigious hotel in the heart of Shenzhen, which has an established reputation for innovation and quality. Located in Futian Central Business District (CBD) and right next to Gangxia metro station on line 1, the Wyndham Grand is ideally situated near the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre. It provides a […]

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Review:HIBC – Laws and Policies of Foreign Investment in China

HIBC – Laws and Policies of Foreign Investment in China As China’s economy continues to grow, more and more people are looking towards this industrious country to take advantage of its investment prospects. Entrepreneurs and investors alike are crowding to park their wealth here and get in on the high growth opportunity. Hosting this event […]