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Waterfall Hike in Hong Kong

When one thinks of Hong Kong things such as skyscrapers, shopping or hiking might come to mind. But waterfalls will more than likely be the first thing you think of, however some of the waterfalls here are simply awesome and worth adding to your travel itineraries.  In a secluded area of forest lies a HK […]

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Evergreen Eco Resort in Nanshan

With the new metro line 5 extension recently opening, there is now even more of Shenzhen readily accessible for exploration.  This has opened up some new places to visit that previously had only been accessible by bus, which as we know can be a laborious task at times.  One of these is ‘Evergreen Resort’ in […]

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Bijia Hill Park. A nice respite from the city

Shenzhen has no shortage of parks, in fact it is officially one of China’s ‘green cities’ because of the sheer abundance of parks, mountains and nature based spots around the city.  The problem with some of these parks is that they can become extremely busy, especially on a sunny weekend, parks such as Lianhuashan can […]

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Hike Pineapple Mountain

Hong Kong has no shortage of interesting hikes, they are as varied and different as any part of the world can offer.  And heading across the border for a day trip hike is a common hobby for many a Shenzhen resident.  But which one to do?  This can be a tricky prospect.  There are long […]