Shenzhen Started New National Standard for E-bike

New National Standard about E-bike On April 15th 2019, the new national standard, Safety Technical Specification for Electric Bicycle (GB17761-2018), was officially implemented in Shenzhen. The implementing has significant impacts on the manufacturing and selling of electric bicycles, and also provides customers with guidance on purchasing and using of electric bicycles. 《电动自行车安全技术规范》(GB17761-2018,以下简称新国标)于去年5月15日正式对外发布,过渡期为11个月,2019年4月15日正式实施。自2019年4月15日起,深圳市电动自行车管理执行国家标准(GB17761-2018)。 新国标对规范电动自行车生产、销售和使用具有重大意义。 What’s new compared to […]