Cross Border Shopping

Qianhai Free Trade Zone being used to export for ecommerce and to store moon cakes

The Shenzhen government continues to iterate on the Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone. Exports in the Qianhai area from online sales quadrupled during the first half of this year to over 2 million packages, bureau officials said at a press conference yesterday. Source: 【Hot双语】New govt. policies look to stimulate FTZ 政府新政推动自贸区建设发展


Buying Baby Milk Powder in Shenzhen Qianhai [Video]

In order to allieviet the pressure on Hong Kong of mothers and fathers going to Hong Kong and buying up the baby milk powder in Hong Kong the Shenzhen government has allowed a kind of duty free store for imported goods such as baby milk powder in the Shenzhen Qianhai special zone. The store is […]