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Shekou Management & Service Center for Expats

About Us Opened on June 28th 2017, the Shekou Management & Service Center for Expats (known as Shekou MSCE) was the first of its kind to be set up by the Shenzhen Shekou Sub-District Office. Shekou MSCE is devoted to making expats’ life more convenient by offering a wide range of administrative and consultation services, […]


We Are Offering Free Law Consulting Service Now!

Free Law Consulting Service What should an expat do when having labor dispute with the employer?Or when having disputes with the landlord or the agent?Or when wanting to start a business in China? Don’t worry! Free law services for expatriates are coming soon! 境外人员和雇主发生纠纷怎么办?和房东或中介发生纠纷怎么办? 想在中国开公司怎么办? 别担心,为您定制的免费涉外法律咨询服务即将上线啦! Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats will officially launch the […]