NowShenzhen   |   November 21, 2018

Brand Story

TTbespoke 瑭誉定制 was founded by Tom Tang. Tom majored in costume design and perfected his craft by serving apprenticeships under several masters of clothing in China and through working for Michael Andrews Bespoke, one of New York’s most renowned custom tailor shops. Having worked in the men’s custom wear industry for more than a decade, Tom has gathered a wealth of experience in clothes matching and shape adjusting. In 2015, he opened his first workshop in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen.

To date, Tom has served more than one thousand clients, including celebrities such as CETV presenter Wong Hangrong, Jiangsu TV presenter Peng Yu, Mandopop singer Joker Xue Zhiqian, and movie stars Lin Yongjian and Li Youbin.

Our Service

TTbespoke offers all aspects of gentlemen’s wear, providing the complete tailoring experience. Tom uses only the finest materials from the top names in fabric from Italy and England to make completely handmade suits, shirts, and shoes.

What distinguishes TTbespoke from other tailors is how Tom respects and follows the traditions of suit making while also incorporating the latest technological advances in tailoring.

Tom is completely involved in the making of every suit, every step of the way. From helping to select the right fabric to making recommendations during the fitting, he ensures that every client finds their own style.


Now the real experience begins as you move through the world wearing a one-of-a-kind garment made just for you.


Begin your journey by selecting the perfect fabric from thousands of colors and patterns. Personalize each piece with design elements such as lapels and vibrant linings, for a truly custom creation.


We take over 30 measurements, checking everything from body circumferences to shoulder slope, posture, and arm position. Using this information, we draft your bespoke pattern – the blueprint from which your garments will be cut.


Next, we fit you in a test garment made from this pattern. This trial fitting ensures that the pattern contours precisely to your silhouette.


Once your pattern is perfected, your garments will be hand-cut and brought to life by a master tailor using the finest old-world craftsmanship.


When your garments are finished, we’ll perform a final fitting to ensure every detail meets your expectations. Any further adjustments will be completed in 10 days.


Now the real experience begins as you move through the world wearing a one-of-a-kind garment made just for you.

Place Address:  Rm 1201, International Mayors Communication Center; No.55, Shizhou Road, Nanshan District, (Baishizhou metro station, exit C)
Place Phone:  +86 18898731186