A Tribute to the Craftsman – Shenzhen’s First Tailor-Made Suit in-store Workshops

NowShenzhen   |   July 23, 2019

致敬匠人 — 深圳首家西服定制前店后坊开业





Along the tree-lined stone path,

Lies a simple office building.

The perfect place for enjoying a cup of coffee,

And a prime example of the famous line that “Scholars come here to talk and laugh, but ignorant people will never know”.


     便是门头两旁傲然而踞的石狮 — 安静且沉稳

It is so quiet here that you can hear the sound of flowing water.

Apart from the sound of people busy with their work,

There are only the proud stone lions on either side of the door – quiet and serene.





Just like the king of today’s menswear – the suit:

Classic and timeless,

Elegant and restrained;

The gentleman’s business card.

TTBespoke工坊的绅士们  Gentlemen at the TTBespoke Workshop



Sometimes destiny is like a chance encounter,

Full of coincidence, yet the feeling of joy remains.




When tailoring came across this soulful place,

Shenzhen’s first tailor made suit experience flagship store and workshop

Was founded here at the 1980 Science Park.





Follow our gentlemen to the TTBespoke Workshop.

The lobby is tastefully decorated in blue and bright yellow hues.

Steady and restrained, yet still retaining the mood;

Our ingenious master tailors added a little of their own inspiration.

– 简约的工坊前厅  The workshop’s simple lobby 




Inside the workshop, the tables are all arranged neatly,

Our master tailors maintain their demeanor while working.

A deft cut of the scissors, a careful eye for detail, these will all determine the quality of the finished article.

– 工坊内忙碌的裁缝师傅们  Tailors hard at work in the workshop


TTBespoke has nothing but the highest requirements for tailor made suits, from beginning to end. This is the ultimate praise we can receive from our gentlemen customers, and is the reason we have always insisted on an independent workshop, rather than outsourcing.


Old friends know that Tom, the founder, insists on measuring, adjusting, and trying out each item himself. This reflects his obsession with detail in both clothing and appearance. Every stitch is the product of time and skill.


Every individual suit is created based on more than 30 different measurements, uses more than 3000 stitches, and requires more than 45 hours of elaborate work. The whole process, from material selection to production, takes more than 30 days. This represents the rigor and meticulousness of TTBespoke’s approach to their work.


The process includes creating a template, cutting, chest lining, shoulders, button eyes, inner lining, and sleeves. Each of the steps is carried out by hand. These are skills and aesthetics that cannot be imitated by a machine, and the finished product exudes a charm and beauty that a machine would not be able to conceive of. This eliminates all the shortcomings that semi-custom made (bulk assembly line) production methods cannot avoid.


Each gentleman’s suit must be cut as a single piece, and the same suit made from different materials will have different templates. One or two fittings are required during production to ensure the proper cut; only after these fittings are completed will our master tailors get to work. Every precise measurement, every individual stitch: these will ensure a unique finished item, made to the highest standards a gentleman requires.


[A Final Word]







You choose Bespoke,

As it is the best way to display your taste;

You need Bespoke,

As it is the only way to interpret the verve and charm of your tailored suit.

We are putting an end to machine-made imitations,

But are by no means ignoring the benefits of technology.





We know what it is

That gives gentlemen’s clothing its soul!

We hereby pay tribute to the outstanding craftsmen,

And give our thanks to gentlemen everywhere who strive for soul and vigor.

—  Tom


[Clothing Showroom]


[Interactive Section]



What do gentlemen think of the art of bespoke tailoring?


Forward this article and your opinions, send us a screenshot, and we will select the two most refined gentlemen to receive the following prizes (winners may choose one of the two options):

1. TTbespoke西装定制优惠券500元 500 RMB coupon for TTbespoke tailored suits

2. 来TTbespoke定制西装,即赠送定制衬衣一件 Come to TTbespoke for a tailored suit, and receive one tailored shirt free of charge



主理人: Tom Tang



Nanshan Flagship Store:

Manager: Tom Tang

Telephone:18898731186 (use same number for WeChat)

Address: International Mayor Exchange Center 1201 (above Rich Hotel, Baishizhou Metro Station Exit C), 55 Central Shizhou Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


主理人: 付女士

电话: 13923498669(中文)


Longhua Workshop:

Manager: Tom Tang

Telephone: 18898731186 (English)

Address: Room 410, Building 1, 1980 Science and Cultural Park, Longhua District, Shenzhen