Line 10 opens up some new possibilities

There are several Hakka sites to see in Shenzhen and beyond, some of them have been written about on this very account.  Places such as Crane Lake Hakka Village in Longgang, the Art Village in Guanlan and even some Hakka Style architecture in Dapeng.   The much-anticipated opening of metro line 10 has now brought a previously inconvenient Hakka location into play called Gankeng Hakka Small Town. 

Ganggeng Hakka Small Town red scroll decorations
You can make a wish here / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson
Ganggeng Hakka Small Town statue
Lots of colour and character here / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson

Gankeng Hakka Small Town is not the biggest nor the oldest, but it does have its own unique charm and is worth a few hours of your time, especially if you are nearby. Owned and operated by the OCT group it has been updated and renovated to meet the needs of a modern city, this retains its charm while catering for the younger crowd who desire services and convenience.  So, dotted amongst the older buildings and alleyways you’ll find the usual tea shops and local restaurants, but this doesn’t take away from the area, it simply is what is it is.

Tilted door guardians
Authentic architecture
Instagram spot in Gankeng Hakka small town
Great place for photos

Gankeng Hakka Small Town is a continual maze of narrow alleyways, each with its own decoration and style.  The area is incredibly photogenic and provides opportunities for some great shots.  It’s worth exploring each of these narrow alleys as you never know what you will discover.  There are also the traditional Hakka courtyards and residences that remain unchanged over time. 

Plants and alleyways in the Hakka town
Photogenic alleyways
Hakka Restaurant
make sure to explore every corner

The walls have murals and art splashed around to give a sense of character, and it’s also recommended to ‘look up’ as above your head there will likely be something to see.

Art in the Hakka town

You will also find remnants of the original structure here, such as the imposing entrance gate and the fortification wall.  A throwback to what it must have looked like during its prime.

Gate to the Hakka old town
imposing entrance gate
Take a rest in the Hakka small town

So, although not Shenzhen’s most impressive sight, I do think it is worth some time out of your life to check it out, especially if you have seen most of the ‘top shenzhen attractions’ and are looking for something new to see.  But please be prepared this place gets very busy on the weekends.

Directions to Gankeng Hakka Small Town

Gankeng metro station line 10

Gankeng Hakka Small Town, 18 Ganli Road, Buji Subdistrict, Longgang District (深圳甘坑客家小镇,龙岗区布吉街道甘李路18号)

Buses: 980, M224, M227, M273, M324, M346, M414, M363 (Gankeng Village Committee Stop)

Bus stop to Gankeng Hakka Small Town
Bus information
Map directions to Gankeng Hakka Small town
metro instructions / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson

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