New Aerial Footbridge Linking Lianhuashan Park Opens

NowShenzhen   |   January 15, 2019

Lianhuashan is the biggest and most well known of all the parks in the city covering a staggering 150 hectares.  It is frequently in the Trip Advisor top 10 things to do in the city and is usually one of the 1st places visited by any tourist or new residents to the city.  That is due to its convenient central location, its abundant greenery, its serene nature and its beautiful flora and fauna.  Some of the attractions here include kite square and peach grove. It also offers a sensational view of the civic centre and downtown Shenzhen below you from a viewing platform that requires a short hike.  You can also visit ‘grandpa’ Deng Xiaoping the founder of modern Shenzhen and a hero to many in the city, his statue stands tall at the peak of the hill, striding forward confidently into the future.Recently a new aerial bridge opened, linking this park with Upper Hills, an urban area comprising of apartments, restaurants, hotels and businesses.  At 300 meters long it is only partially opened.  The plan is for the bridge to eventually be 1.2 km long and link Lianhuashan Park with Bijiashan Park, another beautiful park in the Futian area.  The aim of the bridge is to separate pedestrian and vehicles as the CBD area eventually becomes more and more developed and as a result busier.  Its going to become a convenient way for sightseeing, park walking and shopping.   When completed it will take only 10 minutes to walk between the two parks with the option of stopping and resting at Upper Hills in the middle. This is welcome news as Huanggang and Caitian Road often have awful traffic.

The bridge is made up of heavy duty steel,  and the walk between Lianhuashan and Upper Hills is a short one and you can look over the bridge to get nice sweeping views below you.  There is nice wooden architecture dotted around and some colourful flowers too.  Upper Hills will eventually become a hub area for creativity, gourmet restaurants, and financial companies.  Although not completely finished it provides a nice respite from the park and its nice to walk around, see the cool architecture or grab a bite in one of the many restaurants on offer.

Lianhuashan is located at Children’s Palace metro station line 2/4 exit F.

Enter the main gate then follow the signs for the northeast entrance.  You’ll see the bridge as you walk in the direction.

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