Travel China in Full Color with China Tea Leaves

Here we are in Shenzhen, a city that is barely 40 years old, in a land with over 5,000 years of history. China to an outsider can be overwhelming, four times the population and twenty times older than the USA: massive, stereotyped, famous, yet mysterious.

How to decide where to go and how to travel here in the Middle Kingdom?

This question led me to create China Tea Leaves Travel Guides on Apple Books, and later develop China Tea Leaves guided tours. I wanted to bring a sense of the China I have come to know to first-time visitors and travelers here. I’ve lived in Shenzhen, China, for six years, soaking up everything I can about the history, culture, language, society, and rhythm of this massive place. These tours are not only planned by me using my own experience and expertise, but I am also your companion and guide throughout the journey. During our tours, I will point out as much as I can about the people, traditions, and language that we encounter together.


I’ve traveled throughout China, to pristine and picturesque landscapes, tiny farming villages, and to its bustling, modern metropolises. I find every place has its own beauty, and I love helping other travelers discover these places. Seeing travelers savor a new, unimagined taste or delight in a calming sunset beside a quiet lake—this is what keeps me going and makes every trip unique.

Because I am an expat, I understand the kinds of places international travelers are most drawn to, where we like to spend more time and also what is not worth doing. I love introducing guests to local restaurants, taking you down a small unknown street to a hidden temple, and sampling my favorite street foods. But I also know the best guesthouses to come back to at the end of a long day, where a cozy bed, a delicious breakfast and a friendly owner welcome you each time you return.

For overnight trips, I plan everything for the group and include as many costs as possible in the quoted price. Group sizes are usually between 8-14 people, for ease of getting around, learning as a small group, and bonding as friends during our time together.

I’ve conquered the heights of Tiger Leaping Gorge five times, I love to get lost in the strokes of Chinese calligraphy and the bending melodies of the ancient guqin, and I am always looking for the next morsel of culinary inspiration to bring back to my Shenzhen kitchen. I hope I can open up a little bit of China to the world, in its puzzles and its charms, to show in color, story, picture and poem a sense of China that you can’t get from a black and white text.

China Tea Leaves:

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