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Greta   |   November 14, 2019

China Tea Leaves Trips Nov-Dec 2019

Looking for the China of your dreams? China Tea Leaves is here for you with countryside jaunts, historical explorations, hiking adventures and more ways to get to know the wonderful corners of our China home. All trips are organized and run by Greta Bilek, American in Shenzhen for 7 years. More information about our trips and approach to travel in China can be found at and a special thanks to our media partner Shenzhen Party

Foshan Xiqiao and more November 16 (Saturday)

On this new tour in the cultural city of Foshan, our first stop will be Xiqiao Mountain, an important sacred mountain in the Lingnan area. The mountain is the site of a temple with a history of 600 years, one of the tallest figures of Guanyin in the world, its own ecosystem and villages scattered around its peaks. After a vegetarian lunch at the temple, we will head on to the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln. Here you can see a ceramics kiln that has been in continuous operation since the Ming dynasty, for over 500 years. Feel free to explore the village lanes and artisans shops for the perfect souvenir or gift. (Adult: 390RMB/Child: 290RMB)

Kaiping November 18 (Monday)

Come with China Tea Leaves to Kaiping, for a one day getaway to a place with stunning architecture and pleasant villages, not far from Shenzhen. 

Kaiping is part of the five counties known as the hometown of overseas Chinese. It is also the home of diaolou, a unique building type that acted as a fortress, watchtower, and clan house. Thousands of diaolou are sprinkled throughout Kaiping’s districts, often rising seven, eight, or nine stories from low-lying villages. These architectural wonders combine elements of vernacular buildings with Western designs the overseas Chinese encountered abroad. This building phenomenon put Kaiping on the map as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, and makes it a must-see in Guangdong province today. We will visit three of the UNESCO listed sites, all fantastic scenes with villas and castles sprouting out of the rice fields. (Adult: 545RMB/Child: 295RMB)

Watertown November 21 (Thursday)

You don’t have to travel to Suzhou and Shanghai to see the Venice of China, since we have such a quaint village right in our backyard across the Pearl River Delta.

On this day trip, we’ll head by private shuttle bus to the outer villages of Shunde district, part of Foshan city, famous for Cantonese culture and culinary excellence.

We will experience the landscape and lifestyle of two water towns, where shaded streets line the water ways connecting the many rivers of the region. Locals still base their lives around the central clan house and a relaxed game of Chinese chess. Simple dumplings and fisherman’s noodles make up lunch, and in foodie town Shunde, local desserts and sampling the tasty snacks are a must. Round out your day by hiring a boat to paddle you around the canals. (Adult: 330RMB/Child: 235RMB)

Guizhou November 23-24 (Weekend)

One of the most beautiful villages in China, hiking, rice terraces, minority culture…all on a quick trip from Shenzhen? Yes, and you can come join an easy escape to the smoke ringed mountains of Guizhou province.

We will be whisked away by high speed train to southeast Guizhou province, known as Qiandongnan, an autonomous region of the Miao and Dong minorities. This trip will focus on the area of Congjiang, where we will encounter one of the most beautiful villages in all of China. 

The town’s museums will also inform about the local Dong culture, their grand song tradition, and textile arts. On the second day, we will journey up the valley to a neighboring village for a view over the rice terraces, and hike back through the misty fields and other village clusters. (Adult: 1680RMB/Child: Price on request)

Private day trip November 30 (no group trip)

Huizhou Beach December 7 (Saturday)

While December is still mild in Guangdong, let’s skip town to find brilliant-colored villages and an easy-going beach town. To the east of Shenzhen, a taste of Minnan/Fujian culture can be found in these villages, where temples celebrate stories unique to this region, under sweeping cornices decorated in the distinctive multi-colored mosaic tiles you find in Xiamen and Fuzhou. Quayside lanes are further spotted with clan houses and temples in crimson and turquoise green; everyone’s door is swept neat as a pin and festooned in orange and red couplets. We’ll also hit the beach at one of Huizhou’s best coasts, then enjoy some local Hakka and barbecue dishes nearby. Clear waters and skies never seemed so close to Shenzhen before. (Adult: 390RMB/Child: Price on request)

Note about December:

Mid-December will feature a number of our best day trips from Shenzhen, targeting the week of December 14-22 for families who have finished school and those with guests visiting before the holidays. Stay tuned to the forthcoming December calendar, or contact Greta directly for more information.

Note: posted prices typically are all inclusive: transportation, meals, guide, tickets. Group size normally 8-14 people. Contact Greta for exact details for each trip and for information about partner discounts.

Custom Travel Planning

Besides joining the set date group trips above, I can also offer custom plans for your group to many destinations throughout China. I draw on my own experience and resources to create a plan tailored to your group, interests, and timeframe, whether you are a couple wanting to get away from the city for a weekend, or a family coming to the Middle Kingdom from abroad for a two week adventure. I am able to coordinate and arrange everything in advance, providing you with maps and illustrated guides so that your experience is as smooth and informative as a guided tour, even if I am not with you. I have arranged for custom travel to Guilin, Yangshuo, Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Zhangjiajie, plus even more destinations available – just let me know what you’d like to see in China!

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