Family Vlog ‘Our Chinese Life’ Tackles China’s Tech-Obsession in Latest Video

Nowsz   |   July 24, 2020
WTF China? Ursula ponders the impact of technology on her life in China.

In their latest episode, family vlog ‘Our Chinese Life’ – an 80s-inspired web-series that looks light-heartedly at family life in Shenzhen – tackle China’s obsession with technology and discuss how it invades most aspects of life in the country.

From the ubiquity of QR codes to the rise of electric cars, in the 9 years or so that the Kays have lived in China, they have watched on with a mixture of admiration and horror as The Middle Kingdom embraces technological advancement in ways that seem light years ahead of what happens back home in Holland and England.

The Kays strike a pose

How is the country’s love of technology effecting the lives of expats in China? What do the Kays think of everything being moved from the page to the smart phone? And what is it like living in a country on the cutting edge of technological trends and innovations? Find out this and more in the ‘Our Chinese Life’ family’s latest video, and don’t forget to subscribe and give the video a ‘like’ or a comment!

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