China officially Discover Verdicchio and other White Wines! 

NowShenzhen   |   April 17, 2018
It’s been now years since Stesoph brought to China the most wanted  Italian White wine – Verdicchio.
Few years later, also thanks to our instinct and competence of China market last week a Chinese delegation has come to the Marche Region in order to start soon a partnership!
Thanks to Stesoph staff deep knowledge of this territory, a Chinese delegation supported by a SOHU TV came to discover physically this side of Italy. They filmed the lands , homeland of this incredible and unique white wine, famous  all over the World, and consequently,  also sadly  the most copied Italian wine by scammers.
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 The hillsides of Marche hold many secrets, among them the complexity and ageability of well-made Verdicchio. That’s why I feel intrigued years ago as I explored the region, says Caroline Sophie Douce, owner of Stesoph.

The Verdicchio grape, grown in the hillsides of north-central and western Marche, is used to produce a variety of wines, from “metodo classic” to “passito” and, in between, some of the longest-lived dry whites found in Italy and not only.

Decanter Italy expert Ian D’Agata, in his book Native Wine Grapes of Italy, asserts that ‘Verdicchio is arguably  Italy’s  greatest  native  white  grape  variety.’  In  its  2015  Italian  wine  guide,  Gambero  Rosso awarded its highest rating of tre bicchieri to 11 examples of Verdicchio – more than any other white in the country. So why is it that you would be hard pressed to find more than one example on wine lists outside of Italy?

Maybe simply because it is difficult to appreciate something that most people in China didn’t know before Stesoph intuition and perseverance through its Italian platform located in Shenzhen. They introduce into China market several top quality original white wine that became in a few years very appreciated and a “must have” mainly by the new generation and high society Chinese women with a sales grow over 10% every year.

This success was possible because of the excellent selections in terms of quality by Stesoph’s partners specialized in production of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi special for a series of factors including soil, climate and elevation. The Castelli di Jesi zone is located in north central Marche closer to the sea side, while Verdicchio  di Matelica is in the western centre of the region, close to the Apennine Mountains where the wineyards grow up to 800m above sea level.

Verdicchino from Broccanera

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