Tasting Notes for March Wine & Cheese Club Event

Shirley Liang Jingmin   |   August 31, 2021

Thanks to The Wine Republic and Sinodis for the carefully selected 6 wines and 6 cheeses for our March 19th Wine and Cheese Event. Contact Karen to reserve your spot to enjoy the great wines and cheeses, meet new friends: [email protected]

Yering Station Little Yering Sparkling & (Hard cheese) Grana Padano

Pale yellow. The bouquet shows lifted citrus and grapefruit aromas with a touch of cashew and spice. The palate is rich, clean and bright with characters of apple and lime. The acid is tight with harmony between fruit and oak leading to a long finish. 


(Hard cheese) Grana Padano – Ambrosi: intensely sweet flavor and granular texture, delicate raw cow’s milk cheese

安乐滋格拉纳帕达诺干酪: 温和,微甜,随着成熟时间的延长风味越浓。

Mount Langi Billi Billi Pinot Grgio & (Semi-hard cheese) Emmentaler

“Dan Buckle is a gifted winemaker, and the Langi Ghiran Vineyards are in a particularly cool part of the Grampians. The result is a foregone conclusion, and future vintages will provide more of the same. Pale quartz in true Grigio style, with relatively neutral flavours, although nashi pear, apple and citrus will be enthusiastically identified by Gris lovers. You could, if you wish, drink some now, some later.” – 89 points, James Halliday

“Dan Buckle 是一位有天赋的酿酒师,而朗节酒庄的葡萄园位于格兰屏山的特有的凉爽地带。而其每年都能出产优质的葡萄是不言而喻的。这是一款典型的灰比诺,接近水晶的色泽和澄清度,中度香气,那许梨、苹果和柑橘的香气是该品种的热衷者最容易辨认的香气,如果你能拿到一瓶,就试试吧!”- 89分,詹姆士•韩礼德

(Semi-hard cheese) Emmentaler – Emmi: traditional Swiss cheese with savory flavor without being too sharp 艾美牌埃玛达尔奶酪: 水果风味,口感柔和。

Xanadu Exmoor Drive Semillion Sauvignon Blanc & (Goat cheese) Sainte Maure

Xanadu has been awarded James Halliday’s Wine of year at Australian Wine Companion 2015. This wine delivers a winning combination of wet stone minerality and fruit intensity. Pink grapefruit, tart nectarine and aromatic guava flavors have a lingering, nervy vibrancy. 


(Goat cheese) Sainte Maure – Cabrifin: goat’s milk cheese, slightly salty and nutty to taste, with aroma of walnuts

卡布里帆圣摩尔奶酪: 巴氏消毒羊奶制作而成白色外壳下有着独特的香气。

Yering Station Little Yering Chardonnay & (Soft cheese) Camembert

Pale Straw. Great intensity with mineral notes, white nectarine and citrus flavours. This wine shows a creamy, nutty complexity with freshness and elegance. Medium weight with clean citrus fruit supported by well integrated French oak and balanced acidity. Great structure and length in the finish, this wine shows typical cool climate characteristics and will reward medium term cellaring.


(Soft cheese) Camembert – Ile de France: soft and nutty cheese with a bloomy rind 

法兰希小金文奶酪 : 源自法国的一款的口感柔和,成熟的独特奶酪,内部呈白到略黄色。

Mount Langi Billi Billi Shiraz & (Blue cheese) Brie au bleu

Mount Langi Ghiran is a winery known by every wine lover in the Australia. And has equal significance in the field of Shiraz production compared with Penfolds. This wine displays bright, clear red-purple; the scented and fragrant bouquet has a warm spice and pepper introduction to the fleshy red and black cherry fruit of the perfectly balanced medium-bodied palate; the quality of the wine comes through on the lingering finish and aftertaste. Drink whenever you like. 




(Blue cheese) Brie au bleu – Ile de France: mild blue cheese with the soft creaminess of brie 

法兰希布里布兰奶酪: 少许奶油口感,布里布兰奶酪完美呈现了乳脂状布里奶酪中蓝纹的美味。

Xanadu Exmoor Drive Cabernet Sauvignon & (Hard cheese) Comte

Vibrant, characteristic aromas of blackcurrants, ripe berry fruits, and mocha entwined with hints of spicy, toasty oak. The full-bodied palate is packed full of juicy ripe blackberries, cassis and dark chocolate characters. A generous wine with supple, silky tannins, fleshy fruit characters and a warm, lingering finish.


(Hard cheese) Comte – Fromi: complex, nutty and caramelized flavor cheese 

鲁克特堡伯爵奶酪 (成熟期12个月): 未加工牛奶制作而成,中度酒体,坚果口味的半硬质奶酪。