Mark Ndesandjo – Senator Obama’s Other Brother Who Lives in Shenzhen China

Now Shenzhen   |   October 8, 2021

Mark Ndesandjo
Now that Barack Obama is president the media is trying to find his half brother Mark Ndesandjo to get a reaction regarding his reaction to the election. Unlike his half brother Barack, Mark seems to keep a low profile. He has been living in Shenzhen since 2002. You can read an article about his attempts to raise money for an orphanage. During the campaign the media found out and tried to spotlight Obama’s half brother in Shenzhen. Since then Mark seems to have dropped off the grid avoiding all media. According to the Shenzhen Daily Mark’s business partner Sui Zhengjun has said that Mark has sent congratulations to his brother. When the Shenzhen Daily tried to contact Mark directly their calls when unanswered.

A full profile of Mark Ndesandjo has been put together by Thomas Crampton in hopes of getting an interview.

Previously a CHINATION REPORT translated a Chinese news article about Mark Ndesandjo, Barack Obama’s half brother that gives a fuller picture:

Slim, healthy, vegetarian, over 6 feet tall, strongly built, short-cropped black hair, often seen with a baseball hat on, dark brown skin, black eyes with very clear facial features. This is Mark Ndesandjo, the half brother of Senator Obama, the US Democratic Party presidential nominee. Mark has been living in Shenzhen in the past six years and wishes to continue to live in China. He is married to a Chinese woman from Henan province. Mark shares the same father with Senator Obama but carries his mother’s last name.

The buried lead in this story is that Mark has supposedly set up a series of BBQ restaurants in Shenzhen with his business partner called Cabin BBQ which is supposed to have 7 branches in China. If anyone has an address of this restaurant please let us know so we can do a review?