Christmas greets you when you arrive

Sungang craft warehouse has been the go to place for arts and crafts in Shenzhen for a long time, but actually there is more to here than just pens and paper. It actually stocks and sells a huge variety of items for almost any season or holiday you can think of, and Christmas is no different. In fact I would say this should be your first choice location for anything Christmas related, except for food.

Each stall is bursting with things to buy

Upon arriving you’ll be pretty much hit in the face with an explosion of Christmas, it’s impossible to miss.  With the shops and stalls bursting at the seems with an array anything and everything, you are almost certain to find what you need here.  Spread out over several floors there are hundreds of units here, but you will most likely find what you need within the first few units.

Decorations for the home
If you need it then it’s probably here

Christmas trees, stockings, decorations, lights, Christmas cards, hats and accessories, giant Santa’s and snowmen and even musical snow globes.  It is all here and at great prices, and with every market in China you can haggle on the price.

Christmas cards available to buy
Decorations for the home or office

So my advice is if your are looking for anything Christmas for your home, work or even a party. This is the place for you.

Where to go

Sungang metro station Line 7 (Exit E)  Walk forward and turn left at the traffic lights.

Open Hours: 8.45am-7.30pm

Place Phone: 0755 – 8226 8844

Place Name & Address: Sungang Market, No.3, Bao’an Bei Rd, Luohu District, Shenzhen 深圳市罗湖区宝安北路3号笋岗文具玩具批发市场

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