Work Permit & Residence Permit Renewal

Pro 1   |   April 3, 2020

It is important to be aware of the expiration date of your foreign work permit (FWP) and residence visa/permit (RP). It is highly advised to have it renewed 1-2 months prior to the expiration date.

How do you renew your FWP & RP?

Here below are the essential steps & procedures:

Applying for Foreigner Work Permit (FWP) Extension:

1. “Application form for extension of foreigner’s work permit” must be filled by the employer on the SAFEA online platform.
~ Signed by applicant + company seal by employer ~

2. New employment contract – Stipulates the new employment period (Usually 1 year)
~ Signed by applicant + company seal by employer ~

3. Foreigner Work Permit (Green Card)

4. Valid Residence Permit/Visa

5. Passport

6. Personal Income Tax Proof of previous year employment

7. Summary table of monthly salary (Before-tax & After-tax) issued, social insurance paid, and personal income tax deducted.

~ Company seal by employer ~

8. AND other documents requested by the FWP issuing authority ofthe specific cities

All the documents listed above should be submitted electronically on the SAFEA online platform. Once approved (Should take about 5 working days), applicant and employer representative will be invited to the authority office for original documents examination for final approval.


During the pandemic virus outbreak, Shenzhen SAFEA authority has issued an official notice stating that original copies of the documents wouldn’t need to be submitted to the counter in Civic Center. In addition, A “Letter of commitment for documents approval without meeting” prepared by your employer will also need to be submitted electronically.

Applying for Residence Permit/Visa (RP) Extension:

1. Application form filled by the employer on Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau website, pick an appointment schedule and print out the application form.
~Signed by applicant + company seal by employer ~

2. Visa photo from the photo booth or photography shop (please remember to ask for the official receipt required for visa pictures)

3. Record book of foreign affairs (Blue Book)

4. Passport

5. Foreigner Work Permit (Green Card)

6. Registration Form of Temporary Residence issued by the nearest local police station of your residential address

Bring all the documents above to the appointed location (usually Civic Center), and then submit your documents. You will then be issued an A4 receipt (can be used as a form of identity). Pick up date and location will be stated on the A4 receipt (Usually takes about 2 weeks, and pickup location is Luohu Entry & Exit Bureau)

On the pickup day, bring along your receipt, pay the fees (400RMB for half a year, 800RMB for a full year) and retrieve your passport with a new residence permit/visa page.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, China National Immigration Administration Department announced that, Chinese Visa will be automatically extended for 2 months upon expiring. No extension application is required. As for foreigners that have a residence visa/permit expiring while they’re outside of China, contact and consult the nearest Chinese consulate/embassy for solutions.

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