Liantang SZ-HK Control Point To Open In September

Cian   |   August 31, 2019
Map showing new Liantang Control Point – source:

Crossing the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong can be a headache at the best of times. No matter which control point you choose to cross, there is a good chance that it is going to be crowded. It’s not surprising that the control points are so busy when you consider that the Shenzhen border accounts for 40% of all border traffic in the whole of China, and the number continues to rise year on year.

With so much border traffic to handle, it is good news then to hear that the latest control point is set to open soon. Located in Luohu, the Liantang control point will become the seventh border control point between Shenzhen and Hongkong when it opens later in September.

Liantang Control Point under construction – source:

The control point will have 2 car lanes, 6 truck lanes, 1 bus and coach lane, and 23 inspection lanes for people, including 9 e-channel lanes. It is said to be able to handle 30,000 people, 2,000 cars, 850 buses and coaches, and 15,000 trucks a day. Discussions have been held to allow for 24-hour border crossing, but that is yet to be confirmed.

The Liantang control point will share the border with the Heung Yuen Wai control point in Hong Kong. Notably, Heung Yuen Wai will be the first control point in Hong Kong to allow people to leave Hong Kong vehicles in a car park near the border. Meanwhile, in Shenzhen, travelers will be able to catch the subway from Liantang once the new station opens in 2020. The newly constructed Line 8 and the expanded Line 2 will interchange at the station.

Liantang Control Point under construction – source:

Whether you will end up personally using the Liantang control point frequently or not, the new control point is good news. It will help alleviate border traffic across all seven control points, and that can only be a good thing.

Keep checking in with Shenzhen Party for news when the Liantang control point is officially opened.