Brotzeit® Brand is Now Upgraded to the New Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar!

Monica Zhou   |   August 29, 2021


Schweinshaxe Catering Management’s successful Brotzeit® brand is now fully upgraded to become the new Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar!

To retain the 100% original German taste haxnbauer use only best and carefully selected ingredients for their dishes as well as directly imported beer from Germany.  


在所有人都在讨论“风口上的猪”的时候,德国的猪肘专家–haxnbauer海森堡™现代德国餐厅被莱茵河畔的风吹到了中国!Haxnbauer由德语Haxn和Bauer 组成,Haxn的意思是猪肘,Bauer的意思是农业家,所以顾名思义,这是世界闻名的猪肘专家!

“When pigs can fly…” we here at Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar believe that this is possible… 

With this attitude Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar came to China to conquer this market with its bestselling product the “Haxe” the world famous German Pork Knuckle.  

The name haxenbauer emphasizes our status as The German Pork Knuckle Experts.

It results from the German words “Haxn”, meaning Pork Knuckle and “Bauer” standing for Farmer.

Being a farmer of pork knuckles and therefore an expert, we are committed to use only the best ingredients and traditional cooking methods to deliver you the perfect “Haxn”.


At Haxnbauer™ German Restaurant and Bar you will find the probably the best Pork Knuckles you’ve ever tasted like the Haxnbauer™ Original Pork Knuckle, delicious juicy meat with a crispy outer skin and crust. 


Or the boiled Haxnbauer™ Classic Pork Knuckle, a very tender and moist knuckle. 16 hours marinated and then cooked to perfection.  


A “don’t miss” is also the Haxnbauer™ Hot and Spicy Pork Knuckle. Just like our Original but with the power of chili.


Another variation is the Haxnbauer™ Black Pepper Knuckle. A crispy knuckle paired with a hearty Black Pepper Sauce.    

当然除了无懈可击的德国猪肘,我们的客人还可以在haxnbauer™海森堡™ 现代德国餐厅享受到由拥有20多年国际料理经验的德国大厨严格把控的高品质各式德国香肠、秘制肋排和举世闻名的精选最优原装进口德国新鲜生啤。Prost!!! 

Beside our famous Pork Knuckles our chefs also provide a wide selection of other German specialties like German sausages, honey glazed ribs and of course best imported German beers. 


Haxnbauer Executive Chef Mario Tassotti from Austria is the person in charge for all dishes coming out of our haxnbauer kitchens. With his years of experience in some of the world’s best restaurants he leads and inspires the whole haxnbauer kitchen-team in China.

“You go out to the people and ask them if they enjoy their food” he says. “If everything is nice, you jump back to the kitchen, tell your team that they did well, celebrate with a drink… and tomorrow you try to do it all over again!”


海森堡行政总厨Mr. Tassotti在行内有着颇高的地位,他拥有20年的资深国际料理经验。做德系菜起家,并将传统德国菜带入了一个全新的境界。在脱离传统的老派印象,保留口味与神髓的同时,菜式变得更加精致漂亮。同时他还识食懂饮,不断地博采众长,制作的菜单总是充满惊喜和乐趣。他曾先后在世界多地的德系餐厅任职,并在奥地利拥有一家自己的德国风味餐厅。

 Haxnbauer™ 海森堡现代德国餐厅的战略?我们好像从未想过!除了竭尽所能让您和您的好友一起在餐厅度过疯狂的欢聚时光,我们别无所求。毕竟,专心做猪肘的人,没有太多的营销噱头。