The moment you step inside Nadagogo restaurant, it feels like stepping into Japan itself; from the elegant elm wood decoration to the warm yellow lighting to the refreshing and floral aroma of sake. These elements flow together to give a sense of quiet and of peace that transports you a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. Nadagogo Japanese restaurant in Wyndham Grand Shenzhen feeds the soul as much as anything else.

“Nadagogo” takes its name from the renowned group of five sake breweries in Kobe and Nishinomiya. In honor of its namesake, the restaurant specializes in various kinds of sake. Nadagogo is separated into five areas including, Kaiseki-Ryori, Teppanyaki, Robatayaki, Tempura, and Yakitori. When you enter the restaurant, the bouquet of sake aromas will naturally lure you to the Yakitori area, which boasts of a selection of hundreds of the finest sake.

Choose any sake you wish with the “Nadagogo Sake Card”. The card allows you to sample any of the nine self-service sake machines available in the Yakitori area. Sake is divided into four categories: floral, refreshing, mellow, and aged. The staff – who are well versed in the nuances of sake – are at your service to recommend a sake that suits your tastes. With a 30 ml cup, you can spend the evening sampling many different kinds of sake and expand your palette for the Japanese rice wine. Yakitori has five private dining rooms, named after the five villages of Nadagogo: Nishi-go, Mikage-go, Uozaki-go, Nishinomiya-go, and Imazu-go. Each private dining room also has its own self-service sake machine.

Along with sake, Tempura and Robatayaki are the main specialties of a Nadagogo. Using ingredients from Japan, Tempura is cooked using a traditional technique called “Edomae”. With a thin and crispy coating, the seafood inside is sweet and succulent.

Meanhile, Robatayaki dates back to ancient Japan from when fishermen caught seafood, and they would sit around the stove with their family to share the grilled seafood together. Nadagogo maintains this warm and welcoming tradition with the layout of Robatayaki. With the chef cooking in front of you, you can see how the fresh ingredients are prepared by watching the masters’ cutting and cooking, while also chatting with the chefs themselves and enjoying a cup of sake.

Furthermore, Nadagogo has Teppanyaki and Kaiseki-ryori on a seasonal basis. Kaiseki-ryori includes eight to ten dishes such as appetizers, soup, sashimi, yakimono, nimono, agemono, and a dessert, to name but a few.

The authentic and exquisite Japanese cuisine is prepared by the six-star team of chefs at Nadagogo. The chefs hail from Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and possess many years of experience in five-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants.

Chief among them is Sho Ota. Having collected awards everywhere he has gone during his career of more than ten years, Ota’s mission is to bring unique Japanese cuisine to the food connoisseurs of Shenzhen.

Guided by the principle of “cooking fresh ingredients with heart”, Nadagogo aspires to bring guests not only a taste of authentic and beautifully realized Japanese cuisine, but also the tranquility and peace of the county’s culture.

For more information, please call Nadagogo Japanese restaurant directly via 0755-88398330.

Place Name: Nadagogo
Place Address: Wyndham Grand Shenzhen 3F, 2009 Caitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区彩田路2009号深圳温德姆至尊酒店三楼
Place Phone: 0755-88398330 or 0755-82998888 ext. 8606