Dewan-E-Khass Pakistani Restaurant

David Ho   |   April 10, 2020

Many people might not know there is a Pakistani restaurant in Shenzhen, and in fact its been there for 13 years.  Considered one the cities best kept F&B secrets, this is well worth you venturing out of your comfort zone to try something new. Located in a bustling part of Luohu, this can be an easy place to miss, in fact you may have walked past it a few times without a second glance.

On a busy Luohu street

It has long been popular within the Pakistani/Indian community, and it is easy to see why.  With a large menu, good prices, and good service, it is understandable why this place has survived and thrived for so long. Comprising of 2 floors, with a large seating area, this is a good place for a quick bite, or a large meal with friends or even clients.

The owners, and chef are Pakistani, giving this a feel of authenticity, and that is evident in the taste and quality of the food.  The dishes are halal and there are many choices for vegetarians too.  Mutton plays a large part on the menu, as well as the assortment of curries, dahls, rice dishes, naans, and other items you would expect to see at a Pakistani or Indian type restaurant.

Assortment of dishes on the menu

The mutton karahi had big chunks of tender mutton in a rich sauce, the spice level was good and full of flavour.

Mutton Karahi 46 RMB

 The Afghan rice, used good quality basmati rice, with pieces of lamb and a sweet kick from the rasin’s, this was a great dish.

Afghan Rice 40 RMB

The mixed vegetable was the star dish, with cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, peas and more this had an abundance of texture and colour and was a great.

Mixed Veg 35 RMB
Lahoree Chana 30 RMB
Chicken Handi 40 RMB

The masala tea was a nice way to end the meal, creamy and smooth this was one of the better ones in Shenzhen.  All in all if you are looking for something different to try for lunch or dinner, without breaking the bank, then try Dewan-E-Khass.

Masala Tea 10 RMB


Address : 98 nan yuan road ai hua market futian district Shenzhen

Science Museum station exit C

Contact: 0755-83639552 or 18126529552