Review – Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar

David Bowman   |   August 30, 2021

As a Canadian, I don’t remember being taught the story of Pancho Villa, a truly great person and Mexican. Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar takes its name from this revolutionary character, whose picture is proudly displayed right about in the middle of the restaurant.

Pancho Villa continuously met tremendous challenges. His achievements were grand, including printing his own money, which was recognized in the U.S. He was best known for stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor. Throughout his life (5 June 1878 – 20 July 1923), there was no obstacle he couldn’t face.

The story of Pancho Villa is worth noting because it relates to my recent visit to Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar.

While I read the Story of Pancho PVilla, I was thinking of Maru Pani, the general manager of Pancho’s. I felt that I could sense the unwavering spirit of Pancho Villa in her. Facing tremendous challenges with determination and a charming personality.

One thing you often see noted in a restaurant review is the accessibility. Actually, it was almost impossible to get to Pancho’s.  The scale of the road construction going on outside makes pedestrian traffic treacherous.

Most people are familiar with the difficulties you might face to run a business. When you seem to have all those under control, an even bigger obstacle is presented. Almost being totally cut off by construction can quickly diminish all your gains.

Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar was exactly what I expected in terms of a Mexican restaurant.  Pancho’s can accommodate 180 patrons in a variety of seating arrangements in their main lounge. They can hold 60 more on their second floor and 10 or more outside. Pancho’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so they got you covered.  The selection of tequilas at Pancho’s cannot be beat in Shenzhen, not only in variety, but also quality. They even have two margarita taps.

I love eating Mexican food.  Sometimes I crave it.  Pancho’s was as good, if not better than any Mexican restaurant I have been to.  Generous servings of everyone’s favorites. Pancho’s menu has a really great selection of Mexican dishes, including deserts and a children’s menu.

The Chamorro pork leg is a specialty at Poncho’s. You are sure to enjoy that. Of course you can’t go wrong ordering up a heaping helping of Pancho’s Nachos.

You could not miss the colorful and festive Mexican theme everywhere, even though Pancho’s was generously decorated for Christmas during my visit. A true Mexican chef presides over the kitchen to ensure authentic Mexican cuisine. If you check out, you’ll see that Pancho’s is also very adept to group functions. A detailed address in English and Chinese, as well as maps, are included on the website.

For the next month or so, Maru Pani at Pancho’s, will continue to face the construction challenge. We all like Mexican food, so now would be a good time for your support.  If you are a foodie or you work in the food industry, challenge yourself to brave the hazardous construction site outside and show Pancho’s some love. No doubt it must be a struggle.

The staff that I encountered at Pancho’s are more than ready, willing and able, to meet all the requirements of your visit.  Prompt friendly service, especially from Maru Pani.  Everyone was attentive to my needs and professional.

All new sound system, a great atmosphere, friendly people, frequent events, delicious authentic Mexican food and don’t forget margaritas. Parking is available. Groups are easily accommodated and relatively private.  Visit Pancho’s this holiday season with some friends, or make Pancho’s the venue for that function you are planning.

Located in Shekou, near Sea World, it is not far from the subway. You know you will enjoy it when you get there, and your visit will be greatly appreciated. You can even learn more about Pancho’s Villa.

Place Name: Poncho’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar

Place Address: 
Nanhai Ave 1019, bldg B rm 108, Shekou, Shenzhen / Nánhǎi dàdào 1019 hào bàngōng lóu yǐ 108 shì shékǒu shēnzhèn shì


Place Phone: 0755-21626150

Email: [email protected]