Sugo Opens Second Location In Shekou

Joe Macpherson   |   April 20, 2020

Sugo Italian restaurant in Shekou is a well-known and much-loved eatery, having been serving up high quality and tasty food for over 7 years.  Specialising in authentic Italian food, cooked with high quality ingredients, and lots of care and attention, it is considered one of the premier foreign restaurants in Shekou. 

Really stands out in this traditional neighborhood

In Sugo Fusion however, the concept is very different.  A recent addition to the Shekou scene, this is already making waves and becoming popular with both expats and locals alike.  Located in a bustling residential area nearby both Shuiwan and Dongjiatou, this has the look of a European bakery/café upon first look, with its stylish counter, fresh baked products on display, as well as the sleek decoration.

Freshly baked goods on the counter to arouse your senses
Croissants. 16 RMB

With customer satisfaction paramount, and given its location to the Chinese community, Sugo fusion does exactly what is says, Fusion. While maintaining the high standards and Mediterranean side of it, Sugo Fusion also caters for the local market with more Chinese style dishes on the menu too, such as fried rice dishes.

Fried rice dish. Great for lunch

Sugo fusion opens for breakfast, providing many different options. There is the more continental style breakfast of baked goods such as croissants, German breads, pan au chocolates, and more. These are perfect for a bite on the go or to have as a delivery option to your home or place of work.

You can also have eggs and salami, vegetable omelettes and other cooked dishes should you wish.  The coffee here is excellent and is perfect accompaniment for breakfast or even as a lunch time bite.

Nice breakfast option
Buffalo Panini 59 RMB
Bretzel Sandwich 31 RMB

As you would expect from Sugo, there are some pasta options available too.  Fresh pasta can be bought to takeaway and cook at home, or you have can have it in store.  It is made fresh 3 times a week, and you can see it being made through the window should you wish too.

Beef omelette sandwich 37 RMB and a coffee 29 RMB
You can see the pasta being made fresh

The ragu is cooked for 5 hours, and there is also fresh pesto available.  These are extraordinary value, as the portion can be used for 3-4 people and it only costs 28 RMB + 45 RMB.  Very good value indeed.

Fresh pasta you can take home and cook yourself
Or you can eat it in store

If you’re looking for a good breakfast or lunch option, some fresh baked goods to take home, or are at work and craving a delicious food delivery, then look no further than Sugo Fusion.


Shekou Gongyuan Rd 1-3, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区蛇口公园南路1-3号 伯利恒简餐(真功夫隔壁)

T. 2667 7225     13684926669/13928483820

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